World Vector Logo is an excellent website with many famous vector logos to download. Their mission is to make all logos in the world accessible to you.

World Vector Logo - Brands You Love

I've watched a YouTube video of a CNC owner carving a Harley Davidson vector logo into the wood with epoxy. This site has twenty-four different designs of Harley Davidson logos.

Example downloads of the more popular vector logos are for Apple Music, BMW, Under Armour, Line Messenger, Red Bull, and The Motley Fool.

For my World Vector Logo review, I'm only going to download two brands.

The North Face SVG - World Vector Logo

The first logo I decided to download was for The North Face. The website had four styles of The North Face logos, but I chose the simpler one.

The North Face Logo

The download process was straightforward - Click the big blue Download SVG button. The file download started with the only file format available being the SVG type.

SVG File Type Download

Once I had downloaded the file, I created a new file in Vectric Aspire. Next, I imported the SVG file, resized the vectors, and centered them on the material.

The North Place Logo Vectors from World Vector Logo

The first vector quality check I look for is the node editor. Since it was an SVG format and not DXF, I expected the nodes to be clean. Fortunately, this simple vector design is what I found.

There were the blue-colored smooth nodes for the curves portion of the logo and the black-colored straight nodes for the rest.

Vectors from World The North Place Logo Node Editor

The second vector quality check was to use the Vectric Vector Validator. The validator found five overlaps and three intersections - a good result.

The North Place Logo Vector Validator

The final vector quality check used the Vectric software to find any "open" or "duplicate" vectors. Unfortunately, the software did find one "open" vector at the bottom of the trademark symbol.

It did not find any "duplicate" vectors.

The North Face Logo Open Vector

The final task for this logo is to create a V-Carve tool path. Again, I used a 60-degree v-bit with a .125-inch clearance tool. I also enabled the Flat Depth option to a depth of .25-inches. This depth limit requirement is because of the broader curves to the right of the text.

The calculate tool path process did display a warning message about the "open" vector it found.

VCarve Toolpath

I ran the tool paths using the software simulator, and the result was excellent. This design was an easy CNC project, free from World Vector Logo.

The North Face Logo Vcarve Result
The North Face Logo Vcarve Result Angled

The Star Wars SVG - World Vector Logo

The second logo vector I downloaded was The Star Wars. Again, there were six different styles of Star Wars logos, but I used one of the simpler ones.

The Star Wars Logo

The big blue Download SVG button quickly provided me with the SVG formatted file.

I created a new file in Vectric Aspire and imported the logo vectors. Unfortunately, the logo was enormous, so I had to resize and center it to fit the material.

The Star Wars Logo Vectors

The first vector quality check was to enable the node editor. The node editor looked excellent. There were enough vector nodes to create the logo, with no unnecessary extra nodes.

The Star Wars Logo Vector Node Editor

The second quality check is the Vector Validator. The validator found zero problems with this logo design.

The Star Wars Logo Vector Validator

The final quality check was to select any "open" or "duplicate" vectors. The software did not find either of these problems.

The last task is to create a V-Carve tool path and test it using the software simulator.

I created the tool path using a 60-degree v-bit. Then, I did not use a clearance tool and disabled the Flat Depth option.
Finally, I calculated the tool path, and the process finished without problems.

The Star Wars Logo  VCarve Toolpath

I then ran the tool path using the Vectric simulator. Again, the finished result looked excellent. Unfortunately, due to the width of the logo letters, the V-Carve went over a half-inch deep in the middle. But this is a one-inch thick material, so it was not a problem. A thinner material would require you to set the Flat Depth option.

This design was another perfect quality logo vector design from World Vector Logo.

The Start Wars Vector Logo Simulator Result
The Start Wars Vector Logo Simulator Result Angled

VCarve Pro Download Files


You must verify all tool path settings, especially the bit settings, to ensure they are compatible with your CNC machine. Every CNC machine operates differently!

V-bit Tool settings

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