Shaper Trace is a tool that effortlessly transforms your hand drawn sketches into high quality vector files. Let me walk you through how it works and why its such an asset.

From Sketch to Vector Masterpiece

With Shaper Trace the process is simple. Begin by sketching your ideas on paper. Then using the Trace app on your smartphone you can transform your sketch into a beautiful vector graphic. This digital file is compatible with many differrent manufacturing tools making it incredibly versatile.

Shaper Trace Web App on IPhone

Endless Possibilities

The vector files produced by the Shaper Trace App offer flexibility. You can save them on a USB drive or in the cloud, allowing access and sharing. These files seamlessly work with tools like film plotters, laser cutters, waterjet cutters, CNC machines, and embroidery machines – any device that relies on vectors can utilize these files efficiently.

Mobile App Save Vector file to the Cloud

Mobile App - Save Vector file to the Cloud

Shaper Trace Website on Desktop Computer

Shaper Trace Website on Desktop Computer - Download the SVG file from the Cloud

Shaper Trace Package Contents and Easy Setup

You'll find everything you need to get started when you receive the Trace package. It includes a frame equipped with a QR code that activates the user Trace Web app. The frame also features rubber pads to ensure stability during use. Setting up is as simple as scanning the QR code using the app – grants camera access for capturing sketches.

Trace App Intuitive User Interface and Editing Capabilities

The app boasts an interface that allows you to effortlessly capture sketches while providing editing options for refining your vectors. You have the choice, between "outline" or "midline" interpretations, depending on your preference.
Editing tools are available to make adjustments and remove any elements from sketches. You have the option to save your sketch as an SVG file, which can be stored, further edited, or shared with others.

Tips for Best Results from the Shaper Trace App

To achieve the outcome it's important that your sketch has clear continuous lines that stand out in contrast. By adjusting the threshold of the scan, you can effectively eliminate any background details or noise.

Shaper Trace is a quick and easy way of converting sketches into vector files. It is highly versatile and compatible with manufacturing tools.

VCarve using the Trace App Outline Capture option

A Simple VCarve Simulation Using the Trace App Outline Capture option

Get More Information on Shaper Trace

Shaper Tools Trace

Shaper Trace, a drawing toolkit that allows you to turn any sketch or drawing into a vector graphic by simply taking a picture.

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Who Is Shaper Tools?

Shaper Tools is the brains behind Shaper Trace. They're a bunch of clever folks who love making tools that bridge the gap between digital and physical crafting. Let's dive a bit deeper into their world.

Shaper Tools: The Crafty Innovators

Shaper Tools isn't your average tool company. They're all about blending the digital with the hands-on. Their flagship product, Shaper Origin, is a testament to this. It's a handheld CNC machine that's as smart as it is versatile. And Shaper Trace? It's like the Origin's best buddy, helping it understand your hand-drawn masterpieces.

Shaper Origin: The Perfect Partner

Shaper Origin is a wonder. It's a portable CNC machine that understands your moves. You guide it by hand, and it carves out your designs with precision. It's like having a robotic assistant that's in tune with your creative whims.

Seamless Integration

Shaper Trace and Shaper Origin are like peanut butter and jelly. Trace turns your sketches into digital files. Origin takes these files and brings them to life on wood, plastic, or whatever material you fancy. Together, they're a dynamic duo for any creator.

Community and Support

Shaper Tools isn't just about gadgets. They've got a vibrant community of makers. And their support? Top-notch. They're always ready to help, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro.

Learning and Growing

Shaper Tools believes in growth. They offer tutorials, workshops, and a wealth of resources. They're not just selling tools; they're nurturing a community of lifelong learners and makers.

Shaper Tools is more than a company. They're innovators, educators, and community builders. With tools like Shaper Trace and Shaper Origin, they're redefining what it means to craft in the digital age.

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Shaper Tools Complete Origin System

Origin is the world’s first hand-held CNC router. With onboard automatic cut correction, Origin makes precision cutting easy. Avoid the envelope limits of traditional CNC machines and tackle projects at a wide range of scales with a single, compact tool. With annual system updates and optional extensions, Origin is the only power tool that improves with age. Create simple designs on the device itself or using Shaper Studio. You can also upload an existing design of your own. Additionally, Origin-ready files and hardware templates are available on ShaperHub.

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Project Examples Using Shaper Trace

One of the primary reasons I purchased Trace was to get my grandkids involved with Digital Fabrication—specifically CNC Wood Machining. Trace struck me as a simple tool that could take their child's drawings and turn them into something physical. This is a process they could keep with them their whole life.

Discover the delightful process of creating a personalized Granddaughter Name Sign, from a handwritten note to a wooden treasure, using Shaper Trace and CNC technology. Follow our step-by-step guide to transform love into a lasting memento.

Shaper Trace: A CNC Granddaughter Name Sign
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