Hobbyists often overlook brand vector logos when creating designs for a hobbyist CNC machine. This review is of Brands Logos, where you can download free PNG and Vector Logotypes.

SVG files are easy to work with in CNC CAD/CAM software, provided the vectors are clean and well-designed.

Where to Find Brand Vector Logos

Surprisingly brand vector logos are readily available for free on several different websites. The one I'm reviewing here is "Brands Logo." They have many logo vectors for SVG download in Cars, Banks, Fashion, Fast Food, Soda, Superhero, and a large Other Logos category.

The logos are offered in vector format, making them easy to use in CNC CAD/CAM software.

Adobe defines a vector as a technical term that uses mathematical algorithms to create images and illustrations. You can create vector illustrations using software like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw.

The beauty of vectors is that you can scale, modify, or resize an image without hurting its quality.

Raster images, on the other hand, like JPG or PNG, will get blurry if you resize them more extensively than the original resolution will allow.

Since Vector drawings are inherently mathematical, it's easy for CAM software to create tool paths for your CNC machine. This process allows you to reproduce a replica of a drawing on wood.

Red Robin Brand Logo Vector

The first logo I decided to try was the Red Robin brand. Many of us have had one of their burgers, so they are very well known.

Red Robin Brand Logo Vector

I selected the Black and White SVG format and clicked the Download Logo button. The website immediately prompted me where to save the SVG file. The whole process is easy so far.

Red Robin Brand Vector Logos Download

I created a new file using Vectric Aspire - 12 inches wide by 12 inches high by 1 inch thick. Next, I imported the Red Robin vector logo. It was much larger, so I resized it and centered it with Aspire.

Red Robin Brand Vector Logos in Aspire

I first enabled the node editor and saw an excellent selection of straight and smooth node points. It looked clean.

Red Robin Logo Vectors Node Editor

I then validated the vectors using the Vector Validator function, and it found zero problems.

Finally, I tried selecting all "open" vectors, and Aspire did not find any.

Red Robin Log Vector Validator

The next step is to create a tool path. I used a 60-degree Vbit with no flat depth. With flat depth unchecked, the Vbit will carve deeper in broader areas and shallower in the narrow parts. I clicked the Calculate button, and the software created the tool path without errors.

Red Robin Brand Vector Logos ToolPath

I previewed the tool path in the Vectric simulator, and the result was beautiful. Designing and carving a CNC project doesn't get much easier than this.

Red Robin Logo Vector ToolPath Simulator Result

Below is a slightly different angled view of the simulator result, where you can see the V-Carves better.

Red Robin Logo Vector ToolPath Simulator Result Angled

Dairy Queen Brand Vector Logos

Staying within the Fast Foods Logo category, the following design I chose to download was the Dairy Queen Logo Vector.

Dairy Queen Brand Vector Logos

This SVG file was just as easy to download.

Vector File Download

I then created a second file in Vectric Aspire and imported this SVG file. It also required resizing and centering on the material.

Dairy Queen Logo Vectors in Vectric Aspire

Checking the node editor for these vectors revealed them as clean and well-designed. It had a nice mixture of smooth node points.

The trademark symbol looks busy, but it's probably due to its smaller size.

Dairy Queen Logo Vectors in Node Editor

The Vector Validator found one Intersection inside the second letter "e."

Dairy Queen Logo Vectors in Vector Validator

I zoomed in as much as possible, and one of the corners appeared to need to be corrected and overlapped.

Also, I could find no "open" vectors to be selected.

Dairy Queen Logo Vectors in Vector Validator Zoomed

The final process is to create the tool path. I chose to do it differently this time. Instead of V-Carving the words Dairy Queen, I pocketed the area around them. I used the ellipse as the boundary of the pocketing tool path. You would then fill this "pocketed" area with red epoxy to match one of their logo versions.

For the pocketing tool path, I used the 60-degree Vbit with a .125 endmill clearance tool. I also set the flat depth to .125 inches.

The square vector around the logo would be a profile cut. Again, I'll use a quarter-inch endmill to cut this out.

VCarve Toolpath Simulator

I ran the Vectric simulator for both tool paths, and the result looked excellent.

The red background is a background configuration option for the tool path. Part of the project would require you to mix and pour epoxy into this carved-out pocket.

It turned out excellent, and I didn't even need to fix the one vector intersection issue we found.

This site is excellent, with a lot of good project ideas.

Dairy Queen Logo Simulator Result
Dairy Queen Logo Simulator Result Angled

VCarve Pro Download Files


You must verify all tool path settings, especially the bit settings, to ensure they are compatible with your CNC machine. Every CNC machine operates differently!

V-bit Tool settings

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