Not only can you find SVG Logos free at BrandEPS, but they also have a vast selection of Vector Icons. Furthermore, all downloads on this website are free.

SVG Logos Free At BrandEPS

The Brand EPS website is smaller than the other Brand Logo sites I've reviewed. But in addition to brand logos, they also offer a large selection of Vector Icons. Vector icons are more effortless when creating designs for your CNC machine.

They offer free EPS, SVG, JPG, or PNG downloads.

The navigation on this website is straightforward to use. The home page has buttons for the latest brands and icons and the most popular brand logs and vector icons.

Additionally, the home page has menu options for brand logos and vector icons, which expand to all the different categories their site offers.

For my review, I downloaded one Brand Logo and one Vector Icon.

SVG Logos Free Download At BrandEPS Categories

The Avengers SVG Logo Free

The first logo I downloaded was Marvel's Avengers Logo. There were two different buttons for the download, the first was for the EPS format only, and the second was for a ZIP file containing the remaining formats.

I wanted to use the SVG format, so I clicked the Download ZIP button. The download started a second or two later without popups, account creation, or delays. The website prompted where to store the download file.

Marvels The Avengers logo download in vector EPS, SVG, PNG and JPG file formats

Once the SVG file finished downloading, I created a new project in Vectric Aspire. I imported the vector file, centered and resized it on the material.

The vector design looked clean and simple.

SVG Logos Free Avengers

The first vector quality check was with using the node editor. This editor revealed nothing but clean nodes. This efficient design is because the vectors included only the minimum number of nodes needed to create the logo.

Avenger Logo Vector Node Editor

The second vector quality check was to use the vector validator. Again, it found no issues with zero-length spans, overlaps, or intersections.

Avenger Logo Vector Validator

The third vector quality check was to have the software find any "open" or "duplicate" vectors. The software did not find either of these problems.

The last task was to create a V-Carve tool path and run it using the software simulator. I used the 60-degree v-bit with a .125-inch endmill bit for the clearance tool. I disabled the Flat Depth option. I only use the flat depth option if the material thickness is too thin.

I clicked the Calculate button, and the software created the tool path without any error messages.

Avenger Logo VCarve Toolpath

The last step was to run the tool paths using the software simulator. The result was excellent! This project was an easy logo design to use with a CNC project.

SVG Logos Free Download At BrandEPS
SVG Logos Free Simulator Result

Canva Icon SVG Logo Free

The second file I downloaded for review was the Canva icon vector. Again, the ZIP file downloaded just as quickly as the first SVG logo.

Canva icon download in vector EPS, SVG, PNG and JPG file formats

After downloading the ZIP file, I created a new file in Vectric Aspire. I extracted the SVG file from the compressed file and imported it into Aspire. The vector design needed to be resized and centered on the material.

Canva Icon Vector Design

The first vector check was using the node editor. The editor found lots of smooth blue-colored nodes which match up with the curves of the icon design.

Canva Icon Vector Node Editor

The vector validator check was equally as clean. So, again, the validator was fine.

Canva Icon Vector Validator

The third vector quality check was to find any "open" or "duplicate" vectors. The software did not find either of these problems. This project would be a clean and easy vector design to V-Carve with our CNC machine.

I only wanted to carve the letter vectors, so I selected only those vectors and left the circle border unselected.

I created another V-Carve tool path using the 60-degree v-bit and a .125-inch endmill clearance tool. Again, I left the Flat Depth option unchecked.

The software calculated the tool path without any error messages.

Canva Icon VCarve Toolpath

I ran the tool paths using the software simulator, and the result was, again, excellent!

Canva Icon VCarve Simulator Result by SVG Logos Free
Free Canva Icon VCarve Simulator Result Angled

VCarve Pro Download Files


You must verify all tool path settings, especially the bit settings, to ensure they are compatible with your CNC machine. Every CNC machine operates differently!

V-bit Tool settings

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