CDNLogo is another popular vector logo website with many famous brands. All vector downloads on this site are free.

Free Download Brand Vector Logos

On the surface, CDNLogo is just another brand logo SVG download website. But in reviewing, there are a few things I like on this site that I've yet to see elsewhere.

The first thing I noticed was that this site seemed more international. Of course, it could be because I clicked on the popular logo menu option and saw the SVG vector for the FIFA World Cup 2022 logo. But I noticed many other international brands also.

The other thing I noticed was the additional information about the logo brands. I only saw this for some logos, mainly for famous brands.

See another international Asia brand named, Shopee as an example below. I've highlighted the three areas I found interesting.

The first item is the official website for Shopee. This information seems simple, but this is the first time I've seen it on other similar websites. It's nice to click and visit the official website without searching for it first.

The second helpful information I found was the "About Shopee Brand" at the bottom. Again, this was concise information about the brand without studying the website.

The third item has more to do with the website navigation and is the logo colors. The colors used in this logo are displayed, but they are also links to other brand logos on the site with the same colors.

For example, I clicked on the first colored link, and a page showed other vector logos with the Burnt Sienna color. This feature is an excellent navigation option on this website.

Shopee Brand Vector Logo Download
Vector Logos with Burnt Sienna color

The ChatGPT Vector Logo SVG Review

The first brand logo I decided to review was the ChatGPT Logo Vector SVG. ChatGPT has been in the news recently. It's a natural language generation model developed by OpenAI.

ChatGPT Logo Vector SVG

The download process was easy but annoying. You only need to click the download button, but then it opens another web page that forces you to watch a video ad for 15 seconds before the download starts.

I can't fault them for wanting to make money from their website.

Download will start automatically after advertisement

I don't usually choose designs for review that have intersecting vectors. This choice is because they almost always need additional node editing to work correctly with a CNC machine.

I created a new file in Vectric Aspire and imported the ChatGPT vectors. The size was perfect for my material, so I only needed to center it.

ChatGPT Logo Vector Design

The first vector quality check I use is the node editor function. The nodes looked perfect! There were the blue-colored smooth nodes for the curves and the black-colored nodes for the straight lines.

ChatGPT Logo Vectors Node Editor

The second vector quality check I use is the Vector Validator function in the Vectric software.

The vector validator found two zero-length spans. But the Vectric software has a button that can clean these up automatically. After I clicked it, the design was again perfect!

ChatGPT Logo Brand Vector Validator

The final vector quality check uses the software to find any "open" or "duplicate" vectors. Again, the software did not find either of these problems.

The last step is to create a tool path. A tool path is to see how easily the vector design would machine in the software simulator. If it does not work in the simulator software, it will not work on the CNC machine.

I once again used a V-Carve tool path with a 60-degree v-bit. I used a .125-inch endmill for the clearance tool. I also disabled the Flat Depth option. I clicked the Calculate button, and the software created the tool path without any error messages.

ChatGPT Logo Vector VCarve Toolpath

I ran the tool paths using the software simulator, and the result was excellent!

ChatGPT Logo Vector Simulator Result
ChatGPT Logo Vector Simulator Result Angled

The Premier League Logo Vector SVG Review

The second brand logo I decided to review was the Premier League Logo Vector SVG. It was equally as easy to download while waiting for the 15-second advertisement.

Premier League Brand

I created a new file in my Vectric Aspire and imported the SVG file. The design needed to be resized and centered on the material.

Premier League Brand Vectric Aspire

The first vector quality check was to enable the node editor. Once again, the nodes looked clean with a nice mixture of smooth blue and black-colored straight nodes.

Premier League Brand Node Editor

The vector validator did find some problems with the design. It found three overlaps and twenty-four intersections.

I did not fix any of these issues.

Premier League Brand Vector Validator

The third vector quality check was to have the software search for any "open" or "duplicate" vectors. Again, the software did not find any of these problems.

The remaining tasks are to create a tool path and run it in the software simulator.

I used the V-Carve tool path option with a 60-degree v-bit. I also needed the .125-inch clearance tool and enabled the Flat Depth option.

A large area of the face was being V-Carved. A traditional V-Carve would have gone much deeper than the thickness of my material.

The software calculated the tool path with a warning message about the overlap and intersection vectors. I clicked the Continue Anyway button to create it.

Premier League Brand VCarve Toolpath

I ran both of the tool paths using the software simulator. The result did look excellent! I changed the color of the tool paths so they would be easier to see.

You can see that the two middle parts of the nose did not carve correctly. They should have been left uncarved, like the lower portion of the nose.

Earlier, the vector validator found some vector node intersection problems in this design area. It would take a little node editing to get these to work correctly.

Premier League Brand Toolpath Simulator Result
Premier League Brand Toolpath Simulator Result Angled

VCarve Pro Download Files


You must verify all tool path settings, especially the bit settings, to ensure they are compatible with your CNC machine. Every CNC machine operates differently!

V-bit Tool settings

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