Seek Logo is another brand logo website that boasts 500,000+ logo PNG images, vector brand logos, and logo templates! All the downloads are free on this site, but you need to create an account for multiple downloads in one day.

Vector Logos, PNG Images, Templates Free Download

When I first started reviewing vector download sites for CNC projects, I had no idea there were so many for brand logos. Fortunately, it seems that brand logos are trendy.

Their monetization method is to mix premium logos from Shutterstock with free downloads from their site. Unfortunately, the integration is seamless on many pages, and most likely, you'll find yourself on the Shutterstock site more than once.

Suppose you click on a premium image that takes you to Shutterstock. The website opens a new tab in your browser. So you only need to close it once you realize what happened.

Seek Logo offers logo templates along with its many brand file downloads. You can use them to design your company logo.

Seek Logo Templates Navigation

Seek Logo has several different methods for navigating its website. It's also consistent with how they navigate their logo template downloads. The main navigation is usable with either brand logos or template logos.

Seek Logo Brand Navigation

You can search for specific logos and specific file formats, including AI, EPS, CDR, SVG, or PDF, or by logo colors. Remember that not all logos are in all format types, so be careful when applying too many filters.

If you scroll down their homepage, they also have a section on the popular brand categories. Each category has a subset of the brand logos available. This site design is another example of good website navigation.

Popular Brand Categories

Seek Logo Cruzan Rum Logo PNG Vector

The first design I downloaded was for the Cruzan Rum brand. I found the details of this logo exciting and decided to try something more complicated.

I am trying to understand why they have PNG in the title. Unfortunately, a PNG format is not available for download.

While the download process is easy, you will first get a popup window for Shutterstock. The appearance is that you need to create an account with them first before the download. However, if you wait several seconds, the popup goes away, and the EPS formatted file download begins.

Cruzan Rum Brand Logo Vectors

I created a new file in Vectric Aspire and imported the brand vectors. Next, the logo design needed to be centered and resized to the material.

Seek Logo Cruzan Logo EPS Vector

The first vector quality check I did was to enable the node editor. It did not show any heavy concentrations of the straight-line black nodes. Instead, there was an excellent combination of the black-colored and the blue-colored smooth nodes.

Seek Logo Cruzan Logo Vector Node Editor

The second vector quality check was to use the software's vector validator. It revealed a heavy concentration of problems with the lower right section of the design. There were 333 overlaps and 667 intersections. As customary for these reviews, I did not fix any issues.

Cruzan Logo Vector Validator

The last quality check used the software function to select any "open" or "duplicate" vectors. The software did not find any "open" vectors. However, it did find duplicates - the entire design.

Since deleting the duplicate vectors requires pressing the "delete" key only, I did this.

These same vectors would explain many of the problems found by the vector validator. But I did double-check after deleting these, and there were still some problems with the vectors. The issues were in a different part of the design now.

Cruzan Logo Vector Validator

The final task was to create a V-Carve tool path and run it in the software simulator. This result would give us a good idea of how well it would carve on the CNC machine.

I used a V-Carve tool path with a 60-degree v-bit and a .125-inch endmill for the clearance tool. Finally, I did not enable the Flat Depth option, which I prefer to do if required.

The tool path Calculate process did display an error message about the remaining vector overlaps and intersections. I ignored them and clicked on the Continue Anyway button.

Cruzan Rum Brand VCarve Toolpath

I ran the tool paths in the software simulator and was delighted with the result. This result is one of the better designs I've reviewed.

Parts of the V-Carve are over .75-inches deep in some places. But the material is one inch thick, and the depth gives it a lovely appearance.

Cruzan Rum Brand Toolpath Simulator Result
Cruzan Rum Brand Toolpath Simulator Result Angled

Seek Logo Coca-Cola Logo PNG Vector

The second logo vector design I downloaded was for the Coca-Cola brand. Again, this EPS-formatted download was equally easy, with the wait for the Shutterstock popup window to disappear.

Coca-Cola Brand Free Vector Download

I created a new file in Vectric Aspire and imported the Coca-Cola vectors. The design was small, so I resized and centered it on the material.

Coca-Cola Brand Vectors

As usual, the first vector quality check was to enable the node editor. Again, the nodes looked very clean.

Coca-Cola Brand Vector Node Editor

I next enabled the Vector Validator, and the software did not find any validation issues with the vectors.

Coca-Cola Brand Vector Validator

The third vector quality check was to find any "open" or "duplicate" vectors. The software did not find either of these problems.

So the remaining task is creating a tool path and running it using the software simulator.

I again created a V-Carve tool path using the 60-degree v-bit and a .125-inch endmill for the clearance tool. Similarly, the software calculated the tool path without any error messages.

I did select only the logo words for the tool path and left out the border vector.

Coca-Cola Brand VCarve Toolpath

I ran the tool paths using the software simulator, and the result was excellent. I was especially impressed by how well the intersection of the vectors between the different letters worked out. Usually, Script fonts almost always have issues when creating CNC tool paths.

Coca-Cola Brand Logo Simulator Result
Coca-Cola Brand Logo Simulator Result Angled

Seek Logo Rode Flower Logo PNG Vector

II decided with this review to download a third design. So, instead of one of the brands, I downloaded one of the Logo Templates. The template I selected was the Rode Flower Logo PNG Vector. It was an AI (Adobe Illustrator) formatted file.

Seek Logo Rode Flower Logo PNG Vector

I imported the logo vectors into a new session of Vectric Aspire. Again, I resized and centered it on the material. However, I had many extra vectors this time, which made it impossible to see the flower.

Rode Flower Template Vectors

This issue is because the AI (Adobe Illustrator) file format and EPS file formats store both vector and raster images. The raster effects happen when the designer adds gradient fills, special effects, etc.

It's nearly impossible to remove these extra parts of the design using Vectric Aspire. Instead, it's much easier to download a free installation of the vector software called Inkscape

Using Inkscape, you need to import the AI file format and then save it as an SVG format file type instead. This simple process will remove the extra parts of the design.

Once saved as an SVG file, Vectric Aspire can import it without problems.

Rode Flower Template Vectors

The first vector quality using the node editor does reveal some areas with black-colored straight nodes. There are several areas of these on the bottom right leaf. I am still trying to figure out why, as the rest of the design looks clean.

Rode Flower Template Vector Node Editor

The vector validator found one overlap and one intersection. These issues should not cause any problems with the tool path calculation.

Rode Flower Logo Template Vector Validator

The final vectors check was to find any "open" or "duplicate" vectors. Fortunately, the software did not find either of those kinds of vectors.

The last task is to create a V-Carve tool path, to test the vector design using the software simulator. I used the 60-degree v-bit with a .125-inch endmill bit for the clearance tool. I did also have to enable the Flat Depth option to .5-inches.

The leaves were broader, and allowing a full V-Carve would have cut through the material.

I ran both of the tool paths using the software simulator. The result was excellent!

I did also set the tool path background color to yellow. Without the color, the flat-depth portions of the carving make it appear as if nothing happened.

Rode Flower Logo Template Toolpath Simulator Result
Rode Flower Template Toolpath Simulator Result Angled

VCarve Pro Download Files


You must verify all tool path settings, especially the bit settings, to ensure they are compatible with your CNC machine. Every CNC machine operates differently!

V-bit Tool settings

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