In the specialized field of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) routing, managing dust effectively is not just about maintaining a clean workspace; it's about ensuring operational efficiency and safeguarding the health of those in the vicinity. Portland CNC’s innovative Dust Boot Upgrade, designed for HSD and Hiteco spindle dust collection systems, marks a significant advancement in this area. This blog post will explore the multifaceted benefits, features, and practical implications of integrating the Portland. 

Unpacking the Portland CNC Dust Boot Upgrade

Detailed Features:

  • Advanced Airflow Capability: The Portland CNC Dust Boot has been engineered to significantly enhance airflow volume around the cutting area. It boasts a standard 5-inch intake port, theoretically enabling up to 545 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), considerably improving from the approximate 288 CFM offered by standard 3.4-inch ports.
  • Customizable Brush Lengths: Acknowledging the diverse needs of CNC operations, the dust boot offers flexible brush options, including 3-inch and 3.4-inch lengths. This adaptability ensures optimal dust collection across various materials and routing tasks.
  • Broad Compatibility: Designed to fit a range of CNC router models such as ShopSabre, Avid, AXYZ, and Multicam, this dust boot is a versatile solution for numerous CNC systems.
  • Effortless Installation Process: One of the most user-friendly features is its easy installation. The dust boot is designed for a quick, no-modification swap with ShopSabre Routers, making it accessible even for those not technically inclined.
  • Reduced Docking Time: A significant time-saver, especially in high-volume CNC tasks, the dust boot, when used with ATC Pedestals, can reduce tool change time by about 20 seconds per change.

Comprehensive Benefits of Integrating the Portland CNC Dust Boot

  • Enhanced Health and Safety: With its superior dust collection capability, the dust boot plays a crucial role in reducing exposure to wood dust, a carcinogenic substance. This feature is vital for creating a healthier work environment.
  • Operational Efficiency and Productivity: The reduction in docking and tool change times translates into more sheets being cut in less time, a crucial efficiency gain for businesses.
  • Quality and Sustainability: Manufactured in Portland, Oregon, by PDX CNC, the dust boot not only supports American manufacturing but also stands as a testament to quality and sustainable practices.
  • Financial Prudence: Despite its advanced features, the dust boot is competitively priced and designed to provide a quick return on investment by enhancing CNC machine efficiency.

The Dust Boot in Action: Real-World Applications

The Portland CNC Dust Boot is not limited to a single type of CNC operation. Its versatility makes it an ideal addition to setups involved in intricate woodworking, metal fabrication, and other material-specific CNC routing tasks. Its compatibility with various models ensures that it can be integrated into hobbyist-level arrangements and professional-grade machines.

Installation and Compatibility Guide

  • Installation Simplicity: The dust boot can be easily installed with a screwdriver, which takes a few minutes. This ease of installation is crucial for minimizing downtime in busy workshops.
  • Compatibility and Adjustments: While primarily designed for ShopSabre routers, the dust boot’s compatibility extends to several other models. It requires minimal adjustments, even for center-mounted tool touch probe routers.


The Portland CNC Dust Boot Upgrade is an essential investment for anyone in the CNC routing field. By significantly improving the dust collection process, it creates a cleaner and healthier work environment and boosts the overall efficiency and productivity of CNC operations. Its user-friendly design and compatibility with a wide range of CNC machines make it a versatile and valuable addition to any CNC workshop.

CNC Router HSD & Hiteco Dust Boot Upgrade – Portland CNC

The Portland CNC Dust Boot Upgrade revolutionizes CNC routing and offers enhanced airflow, adaptable brushes, and broad compatibility.

Designed for effortless installation, it improves operational efficiency and health safety, making it a must-have for CNC workshops.

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