You can find a great source of SVG and DXF for CNC designs at Love SVG free cut files. This website has a lot of quality SVG cut files used by the Cricut community. Since they're vector files, I want to see how well they work with CNC machines.

A Large Variety of Love SVG Free Cut Files Available

Love SVG has many different categories of SVG and DXF files. For example, they offer Adventures and Outdoors, Animals, Food and Kitchen, Hobbies, Seasons, Sports, and many more.

Categories of Free Love SVG Cut Files

They offer many of their designs for free. However, some of the better quality ones are premium; unless you have a membership, they are free.

The most significant difference between free downloads and premium is that the free ones are for personal use only. If you want to use any of their files for commercial purposes, purchase one of their memberships.

Monthly, Yearly & Lifetime SVG Subscription

This review aims to see how easily these cut files will work in a CNC project design.

Camping SVG Cut File

The first Love SVG free file cut file I downloaded was the Camping SVG Cut File. It's downloadable in SVG, DXF, PNG & EPS formats.

You must register and log in to the site to download the files. 

FREE Camping SVG Cut File

But after you do, there is a bit red button that says Download Now. Click the button, and your download starts.

FREE Camping SVG Cut File

The downloaded files are in a compressed ZIP file. Therefore, you only need to choose where to save the file on your PC.

Download SVG and DXF files

The next step is to extract the ZIP file. Then create a new file in Vectric Aspire.

Vectric will open either the DXF, EPS or SVG file formats. I chose the SVG, thinking it would be the cleanest. After importing the vectors, I centered them on my material and increased the design size to fit the material.

Love SVG Free Camping Vectors

The first quality issue I check with vector designs is the node editor. The vectors looked clean in this regard. There were few node points, and the designer used smooth nodes instead of many minor, straight node points.

Vector Node Editor
Vector Node Editor Zoomed

The second quality check is the Vector Validator. This function also found zero issues with the vectors.

Love SVG Free Vector Validator

The final quality check was for "open" and "duplicate" vectors, which found neither of these issues in the design. As a result, all the vectors look clean.

No Open Vectors
No Duplicate Vectors in Design

The final check is to create a simple tool path in the Aspire CAD/CAM software.

I used the 60-degree v-bit without a clearance tool. I also left the Flat Depth option unchecked.

I created the tool path without any problems.

VCarve Toolpath creation

The final task is to run the tool path in the Vectric simulator. Again, it executed without any issues and looked excellent.

VCarve Toolpath in Simulator
Love SVG Free Vector Toolpath in Simulator Angled

Wine Lovers Age Well Love SVG Free File

The second design I downloaded was a FREE Valentine’s Day SVG Cut File. It downloaded just as quickly. Once I extracted the files, there were DXF, EPS, SVG, and PNG file formats.

FREE Valentine’s Day SVG Cut File

Once downloaded, I created a new file in Vectric Aspire and imported the SVG file type. I then centered the vector design on the material and resized it to fit better.

FREE Valentine’s Day SVG Cut Vectors

The first vector quality check was to enable the node editor. These vectors also looked clean.

Love SVG Free Vector Validator

Some areas looked busy, so I zoomed in to see what the design was exactly doing. But upon closer inspection, the closeup vectors looked clean also - a nice amount of smooth node points.

Love SVG Free Vector Validator Zoomed

The second vector quality check was the vector validator. This function again found no issues with the vectors.

Aspire Vector Validator

The final vector quality check was to select all open and duplicate vectors. I again found none of these in the design.

The final process is to create a V-Carve toolpath. It will again be a V-Carve using a 60-degree v-bit. I did not use a clearance tool, and the Flat Depth option was left unchecked.

After I clicked the Create button, the toolpath quickly generated without any problems.

VCarve Toolpath

The final task was to run the toolpath in the Vectric Simulator. This step took no time to complete, and the final design looked excellent again.

Toolpath Simulator Results
Toolpath Simulator Results Angled

Love SVG Free Vectors is an excellent site with some quality designs. Additionally, commercial licenses are available at very reasonable costs.

Depending on your creativity, you could assemble multiple designs into one new unique design.

Many CNC hobbyists are not artists, so the ability to start with an existing, quality design is a great help.

VCarve Pro Download Files


You must verify all tool path settings, especially the bit settings, to ensure they are compatible with your CNC machine. Every CNC machine operates differently!

V-bit Tool settings

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