If you need CNC router files, a great website to check out is Download Vector at Ameede.com. They offer free to download files for CNC machines, lasers, and 3D printers.

CNC Router Files Free and More

The Ameede website has four different categories. However, everything appears to be free.

The first section is called Art for CNC. Art has subcategories: Animals, Pictures, Patterns, Objects, Humans, and Religion. The downloads offered here appear to be STL bas-reliefs.

The second section of the website is called 3D Printing and CNC. This section has similar subcategories: Animals, Humans, Objects, Religion, Robots, and Games. All the downloads in this section look like 3D objects.

The third part of the website is called Laser and CNC. This section of the website has vector file downloads in different subcategories. These categories include Decoration, 3D Illusion, Patterns, Humans, Animals, and Print and Scan.

The fourth part of the website is called Files of Products. There are no subcategories under this one. But these items do look like physical things you can build. For example, some items are a Stool, a Rose with Vase, a Flower Basket, a Ferris Wheel, and many more. The files include the pieces you cut out and then assemble.

For my review, I'm only going to look at the Vectors section of this website.

A Dog CNC Router File Download

The first design I will download is a dog head, which appears to be looking over a wall or fence.

A Dog CNC Router File Download

The download process was reasonably easy to follow. The first step is to pass the CAPTCHA test to enable the download button by checking the box next to "I'm not a Robot."

Verify CAPTCHA tp Download

You then get your download link button. Click it to continue.

Your Download Link is Ready

The following message is a Please Wait message while the download process builds.

Download Vector for CNC and Laser

A few seconds later, another Download button displays, indicating that your download is ready.

Your CNC Router File Download is Ready Message

The compressed files are in a WinRAR archive type (*.7z), and the download prompts you where to save it on your PC.

CNC Router Files Download

After downloading the compressed file using WinRAR to extract it, I saw the following files in the folder.

The CDR file is a file type created by CorelDRAW. CorelDRAW is premium vector design software that I do not own.
However, I do have a subscription to the Adobe Cloud Suite. Therefore, a little icon to the left of the file name indicates Adobe Illustrator can open it.

I tried using Illustrator with no luck.

Free Vector Download Files
Adobe Illustrator Error Message

The other two files, when clicked on, brought me back to the ameede.com website.

The result is that I needed a usable vector to review with this CNC router file download. Unfortunately, the download did not include a DXF file.

A Wolf CNC Router File Download

The second design I'm going to download is a wolf head. This one is interesting. It uses the forest in the foreground to shape the head of the wolf in the background. It gives the feeling that the wolf is hiding in the woods and watching you, which is what wolves do.

A Wolf CNC Router File Download

The download process for this second design worked the same as the first design.

The main difference is that this download had a DXF file included so I could continue my review of this design.

Free Vector DXF File Download

The next step was to create a new file in Vectric Aspire. I then imported the vector from the DXF file. Next, I had to reduce their size to fit onto my material and then center them.

A Wolf CNC Router Vector Design

The first quality check I do is to enable the node editor and see if there is an excellent combination of smooth and straight nodes.

What I found with this design is that there were many tiny straight nodes. So many that it looked like the designer drew them with a black, thick marker.

A Wolf Design Vector Node Editor

I had to zoom in on a section of the drawing to see individual nodes. Unfortunately, this many nodes can cause performance and quality problems with a CNC machine.

A Wolf Design Vector Node Editor Zoomed

The second quality check is to use the Vectric software's Vector Analyzer. The analyzer found 74 zero-length vectors and one intersection. These are likely to affect the creation of the tool path.

A Wolf Design Vector Analyzer

The third vector quality check uses the software to find "open" or "duplicate" vectors. Fortunately, the software did not find either of these vectors in the design.

The last task is to create a tool path for the design. To be consistent with my other reviews, I made a V-Carve tool path again. I used a 60-degree v-bit with an eighth-inch clearance tool. I also set the flat depth to .24-inch, as I knew there would be some vast areas in the V-Carve.

I did get an error message when Calculating the tool path, which I ignored and clicked the continue button.

A Wolf Design VCarve Tool Path

I ran the tool path using the software simulator, and the result looked excellent. I changed the background color of the tool paths so you could see the difference.

A Wolf CNC Router Simulator Result
A Wolf CNC Router Simulator Result Angled

VCarve Pro Download File


You must verify all tool path settings, especially the bit settings, to ensure they are compatible with your CNC machine. Every CNC machine operates differently!

V-bit Tool settings

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