CNC routers are indispensable tools in woodworking and metalworking, offering precision and efficiency in cutting, carving, and engraving. However, one significant issue that operators often face is dust management. A CNC router dust shoe is a vital accessory that helps collect dust and debris, ensuring a cleaner work environment and prolonging the machine's life. Etsy, known for its unique and custom products, offers a variety of CNC router dust shoes catering to different needs and preferences.

Understanding CNC Router Dust Shoes

What is a CNC Router Dust Shoe?

A router dust shoe is an attachment designed to surround the cutting area of a CNC router. It primarily functions to:

  • Contain dust and debris: It traps the dust generated during the routing process.
  • Enhance safety and visibility: Containing the dust improves the operator's visibility and safety.
  • Improve machine longevity: Less dust accumulation means less wear and tear on the machine.

Types of Dust Shoes

  1. Fixed Dust Shoes:
    • Pros:
      • Robust and less prone to adjustments.
      • Ideal for repetitive tasks with similar material thickness.
    • Cons:
      • Limited flexibility for materials of varying thickness.
      • May require manual adjustment for different jobs.
  2. Floating Dust Shoes:
    • Pros:
      • Automatically adjusts to the material's surface.
      • Better for varied projects.
    • Cons:
      • More moving parts, which may require maintenance.
      • Potentially less stable than fixed types.

Exploring Etsy Options

Etsy, known for its range of bespoke and artisanal products, offers a variety of router dust shoes. Here's what you can expect:


  • Tailored Fit: Many sellers on Etsy offer customized dust shoes to fit specific router models.
  • Personalization: Options for personalizing the dust shoe, like choosing the color or adding a logo.

Material Quality

  • Durable Materials: Most dust shoes on Etsy are made of high-quality plastics, acrylics, or metals.
  • Longevity: These materials ensure the dust shoe withstands the rigors of CNC routing.

Design Variety

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Etsy's dust shoes often have a more aesthetic appeal, with attention to design details.
  • Innovative Features: Some features like magnetic mounts or easy-to-remove sections may include unique features.

Pros and Cons





Fits specific router models

May be more expensive

Material Quality

Durable and long-lasting

Limited material choices

Design & Innovation

Aesthetic and unique designs

May prioritize form over function

Price Range

Options for different budgets

Custom designs can be pricier


A CNC router dust shoe is a practical investment for anyone using a CNC router. The options available on Etsy cater to a range of needs, from the standard to the bespoke. While exploring these, could you consider the type of projects you do, the frequency of use, and the specific requirements of your CNC router? Etsy's marketplace offers the advantage of customization and unique design, making it an excellent source for finding a dust shoe that performs well and adds a personal touch to your workspace.

A Comprehensive List of Etsy CNC Router Dust Shoes

  1. Clear Dust Boot for CNC Router Magnetic Split Base - Etsy

    Unveil Precision: See Every Detail Clearly!

    Upgrade your CNC machine with the ClearVue CNC Router Dust Boot by GVCustomDesigns. This innovative system is tailor-made for CNC machines with minimal space between the router and gantry. Crafted with precision, it features a 1/2" 3D top plate and a removable magnetic base.

    What sets it apart? The ClearVue Dust Boot securely holds a transparent flexible screen, ensuring crystal-clear visibility of your cutting or engraving tool's actions. With easy detachment for tool installation, it's the epitome of convenience.

    Customizable to fit your router size and vacuum hose adapter, this dust boot promises precision and performance. Take advantage of cleaner, more accurate CNC projects. Upgrade today and see every detail!

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  2. Dust Boot V3 for CNC Dust Collection Pixels to Prototype - Etsy
    • VERSATILE FIT: Adapts to various CNC machine's customizable colors.
    • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Secure clamp, 3" magnetic nylon brush for efficient dust collection.
    • USER-FRIENDLY: Quick brush removal for easy tool changes.
    • DURABLE MATERIALS: High-quality PETG and PLA plastics for longevity.
    • ECO-CONSCIOUS: Handmade in Indiana, supports reduced carbon footprint.
    • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Offers spindle adapters and additional brushes.

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  3. Nighthawk 4 Version for Makita Router or 65mm Spindle - Etsy
    • EFFICIENT CLEANING: Compatible with Makita Router or 65mm spindle, featuring strong neodymium magnets for secure attachment. Available in multiple colors.
    • CUSTOMIZABLE OPTIONS: Choice of allen key or thumbscrew; standard 1.5-inch brushes included. Upgrade options for various needs.
    • DURABLE MATERIAL: Made with ABS for longevity and high-quality performance in CNC routing.
    • VERSATILE USAGE: Fits Onefinity, Longmill, CNC4newbie. Adaptable to different CNC machines.
    • EASY INSTALLATION: User-friendly design for quick bit changes and brush replacements.
    • CLEAN WORKSPACE: Reduces dust effectively, promoting a healthier, efficient environment.
    • RELIABLE SUPPORT: Backed by excellent reviews and responsive customer service.
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  4. Dustimator © for Onefinity CNC Makita RT0701C with - Etsy
    • DURABLE DESIGN: Compact size, ideal for craftsmen. Made with Fusion HTPLA for robustness. Choice of gray or black.
    • FLEXIBLE CONNECTION: Includes thumbscrews for easy attachment. Fits various hose sizes for CNC machines.
    • MAGNETIC BRISTLES: Removable bristles for efficient dust collection. Keeps workspace clean and safe.
    • CUSTOM FIT: Designed for Onefinity, Shapeoko, and similar CNC routers. Ensures optimal dust collection.
    • USER CONVENIENCE: Easy to install and maintain, streamlines CNC operations.
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  5. Dust Boot for 65mm Router makita - Etsy
    • ENHANCED AIRFLOW: Optimal dust collection for 65mm routers, suitable for various CNC tasks. Available in multiple colors.
    • EASY INSTALLATION: Quick setup with thumb screw, ideal for CNC enthusiasts and professionals.
    • VERSATILE FIT: Compatible with Makita, Bauer, Carbide 3D routers, ensuring a universal fit for many models.
    • DURABLE DESIGN: High-quality 3D printed material for long-lasting use in demanding CNC operations.
    • MAKITA COMPATIBILITY: Specifically tailored for Makita routers, offering precise and efficient dust management.
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  6. Magkita© for the Makita RT0701C Dustboot Shoe With 2 - Etsy
    • CNC Compatibility: Designed for Makita RT0701C and similar CNC machines.
    • Robust Material: Made with durable Fusion HTPLA.
    • Effective Dust Collection: Features 2" high-quality flexible bristles.
    • Custom Hose Sizes: Options of 1.5", 2", and 2.5" hose connections.
    • Magnetic Design: Easy maintenance with removable bristles.
    • Color Choices: Available in gray or black.
    • Easy Installation: Includes M4 x 12 knurled thumbscrews.
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  7. Hi-flow Dust Boot for 65mm Router makita - Etsy
    • ENHANCED AIRFLOW: High airflow design for effective dust collection. Ideal for clean, efficient operation with 65mm routers like Makita.
    • EASY INSTALLATION: Quick, tool-free setup with dual Cam-Lock clamps. Suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals.
    • DURABLE MATERIAL: 3D printed with robust filament. Long-lasting reliability for frequent use in woodworking projects.
    • CUSTOMIZABLE COLORS: Choose from a variety of colors for personalization and easy identification.
    • VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with various 65mm spindle routers, enhancing its utility in diverse woodworking tasks.
    • USER-FRIENDLY MAINTENANCE: Simple to clean and maintain, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
    • QUICK TOOL CHANGE: Designed for fast, efficient tool changes, saving time and enhancing workflow.
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  8. Slinkee Dust Shoe Onefinity CNC - Etsy
    • OPTIMAL DUST EXTRACTION: Flow-optimized 4-inch coupling for superior dust removal. Durable Black PETG construction.
    • EASY BIT CHANGES: Raised coupling and magnetic shoes for quick adjustments. Streamlines CNC operations.
    • SECURE MAGNETIC ATTACHMENT: Simple installation with a single hose clamp. Ensures a firm and stable fit.
    • DURABLE AND HEAT-RESISTANT: Crafted from high-quality PETG, it is ideal for heavy-duty woodworking tasks.
    • EFFICIENT, COMPACT DESIGN: Longer dust shoe enhances extraction, easily trimmable for custom fit. Compact size prevents interference with clamps.
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  9. Shark Hd5x Tigervac Dust Eater Model 2.5 and 4.0. Engineered - Etsy
    • EFFICIENT DUST REMOVAL: Enhanced collection with multiple intake ports. Ideal for Shark HD5x CNC, providing superior cleanliness and tool protection.
    • ADJUSTABLE & VERSATILE: Offers adjustable height for various tasks. Compatible with routers and liquid-cooled spindles, catering to diverse CNC needs.
    • ADVANCED DESIGN: Utilizes flow analysis for optimal dust management. Ensures a clean working environment, essential for precision tasks.
    • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from high-quality 3D printed PLA. Robust and reliable for both professional and hobbyist workshops.
    • SECURE MAGNETIC ATTACHMENT: Easy-to-use magnetic dust shoe, preventing accidental detachment. Enhances operational efficiency and safety.
    • SIMPLE MAINTENANCE: The design allows for quick bristle replacement. Saves time, maintaining consistent dust collection effectiveness.
    • COMPATIBILITY: Suitable for Shark HD5x models. A must-have for CNC operators seeking a clean, efficient workspace.
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  10. CNC Dust Shoe for 80mm ER20 Spindle Custom Size Vacuum - Etsy
    • PRECISE FIT: It is designed for 80mm ER20 spindles and ensures top-notch quality and durability. Available in multiple sizes and colors.
    • SMART DESIGN: Features air deflector, keeping work surface clean. Ideal for professionals and hobbyists.
    • EASY BIT CHANGES: Magnetic dust skirt with flexible filaments for effective dust collection. Simplifies maintenance.
    • CUSTOMIZABLE ATTACHMENT: Includes standard vacuum attachment with options for customization.
    • USER-FRIENDLY: Simple installation and maintenance, enhancing the CNC experience.
    • DURABLE MATERIALS: Crafted for longevity, it withstands rigorous use.
    • CLEAN CNC OPERATION: Maintains workspace cleanliness, which is essential for precision machining.
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  11. CNC Dust Boot MS6525 65mm Body 2.5in Hose 3D Printed CNC - Etsy
    • PRECISE CARVING: The MorikoStylesShop CNC Dust Boot, designed for 65mm routers, ensures clean, detailed work. Available in multiple colors.
    • QUICK SETUP: Features a magnetic attachment for easy installation, enhancing workflow efficiency for all skill levels.
    • DURABLE DESIGN: Made with high-quality PLA, this dust boot withstands intense woodworking sessions, ensuring reliability.
    • VERSATILE FIT: Compatible with various CNC routers, it's adaptable for different workshop setups.
    • CUSTOMIZATION: Offers multiple bristle lengths and color options, catering to diverse working styles and preferences.
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  12. Avid 4HP VFD 75mm Dust Boot - Etsy
    • PRECISION COLLECTION: Optimized airflow for superior dust management, fits 75mm spindles. Durable black PLA.
    • ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: 2-inch height range, adaptable to various woodworking tasks.
    • MAGNETIC ATTACHMENT: Easy, secure fit with 7-point magnetic bristle frame. Ideal for clean workshops.
    • DURABLE MATERIAL: High-quality 3D printed PLA, designed for long-term use in demanding conditions.
    • VERSATILE HOSE COMPATIBILITY: Fits standard 4” and optional 6" vacuum hoses, enhancing workshop flexibility.
    • EASY MAINTENANCE: User-friendly, minimal upkeep required for efficient operation.
    • HEALTHIER WORKSPACE: Reduces airborne dust, promoting a cleaner, healthier working environment.

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  13. Adjustable CNC 69mm Dust Boot Shapeoko 3 2 X XL XXL Dust - Etsy
    • CUSTOM FIT: Tailored for Dewalt DWP611 and Shapeoko routers. Offers a snug, effective dust collection.
    • VERSATILE USE: Compatible with multiple CNC models. Ideal for various woodworking projects.
    • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Easy height adjustment with a smart mechanism. Streamlines the CNC process.
    • DURABLE BUILD: Crafted from high-quality PLA on precision 3D printers, ensuring longevity.
    • EASE OF USE: Simple installation and maintenance, enhancing the CNC experience.
    • COLOR OPTIONS: Available in black and grey, with potential for personalized color requests.
    • FREE SHIPPING: Delivered free across the USA, adding value to your purchase.

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  14. Axiom Basic - Pro - Elite Ultravac Dust Eater Model 4.0 (also i2R Exec and Powermatic 2X4SPK) - Etsy
    • ENHANCED DUST COLLECTION: UltraVac Model 4.0 features advanced intake design for efficient dust capture, fits standard 4” vacuum hose.
    • ADJUSTABLE & VERSATILE: Adjustable height with versatile mounting options, suitable for Axiom, i2R, Powermatic CNC machines.
    • MAGNETIC ATTACHMENT: 5-point magnetic dust shoe ensures secure, easy attachment, preventing accidental detachment.
    • 3D PRINTED DURABILITY: Made from PLA via 3D printing for enhanced durability and longevity in tough CNC environments.
    • EASY MAINTENANCE: Removable dust bristle ring for easy cleaning and replacement, extending the product's life.
    • USER APPROVED: Highly rated for effectiveness and quality, revolutionizing CNC machine maintenance.
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