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December 6, 2018

What is Wealthy Affiliate, a Scam or Legit?

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Debbie's Marketing Background

This online success story is about Debbie, who has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since 2018. Her story is different in that she was already an experienced blogger, joining while wondering what is Wealthy Affiliate, a scam or legit?

Debbie had been in the flooring industry for over 12 years. She worked directly with customers in Westchester County, NY and lower Fairfield County, CT.

Debbie's company was one of the few women-owned in a male-dominated industry. This distinction also gave her a unique edge by having a different perspective for customers when choosing the right type of flooring for their budget and needs.

She initially started her website to use as a marketing tool for her flooring business. Her primary purpose was to generated leads for her bricks and mortar business. 

By creating this website, she learned what questions customers had in regards to their flooring needs. She wrote different articles and blog posts to answer these many questions. 

During this time, she didn't know that blogs by themselves could make money. She never learned how to monetize her blog.

Did Debbie Learn Affiliate Marketing at Wealthy Affiliate?

Unlike so many of the other success stories, Debbie did not do her initial training at Wealthy Affiliate. Much of what she learned was in many different Facebook groups. She met some great bloggers who she learned from and gathered tips for her blog.

With the help of these different groups, she learned how to do SEO very well. Debbie already had a lot of great content on her site. 

For affiliate marketing, she needed to write different kinds of posts that would convert to sales better. Debbie also learned how to do Pinterest very well.

Debbie's recent record month generated her over $3,700 in Amazon commissions. She is making significant progress.

Why Did Debbie Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Initially, Debbie found all of the people promoting Wealthy Affiliate online for commissions to be very annoying. Because of this, she thought for the longest time that it was nothing more than a scam.

Flooring Business

She was already earning between $10k - $12k per month from her site when she joined. Her problem though is that she wanted to grow more.

The most significant benefit to her from Wealthy Affiliate is the live video training sessions provided by Jay. This help takes her to a new level on SEO and affiliate marketing, along with related topics.

She also is finding the Jaaxy keyword tool to be very helpful. There are many other continued learning resources available in the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Debbie's next step is to learn how to design and create products in her Home Decor niche. She expects this will grow her income even more. Along with this, it will diversify her online revenue streams.

 You can read more about Debbie online marketing success at My best month so far on Amazon - over $3,700!

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