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August 7, 2019

What is the Amazon Niche Site Formula?

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This success story is about Zarina, who has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since 2015. Zarina writes a post, with pictures, of her recent vacation to Washington DC. It was paid for in full from her niche site revenue. She has mastered the answer to the question, what is the Amazon niche site formula?

Being able to travel more out of her home country of Canada was one of the reasons why she considered online opportunities back in 2015. She loves to travel and experienced the beauty of living a laptop lifestyle.

So, the answer to the question, one word is WORK!

Zarina's Online Journey Started in 2015

Zarina studied during college to become a lawyer. During her time at university, during the summertime to France, Mexico, Quebec, and British Columbia. She loved her time traveling and concluded that she did not want to be a lawyer.

She finished her degree so that she could make her family feel proud of her new diploma. However, she had no desire to continue down that career path.

Zarina did some research online about making money. She learned she could be a freelancer, using whatever skills she had. She tried it for a while, only to find out she hated it.

Searching some more, she stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate. She finished the free Online Entrepreneur Training course and loved it! She became a premium member two days after and has been with them ever since.

Life Happens

The newness of Wealthy Affiliate wore off, and Zarina did not work at it. She continued doing freelance work while also working at her affiliate marketing. However, she did not see much success. She knew the reason for this was her, and not wanting to do much work.

Zarina also caught up in the Shiny Object Syndrome. This SOS is a disease of distraction that affects entrepreneurs. It's the equivalent of a small child chasing after shiny objects. Rather than staying focused on the work they need to do, they keep looking for a quick-fix solution. 

Zarina nearly was caught up in an online digital platform which the FTC announced was a scam later in 2018.

The conclusion Zarina came to was that a REAL BUSINESS REQUIRED REAL WORK!

The Turning Point

Orthopedic Surgery on foot and ankle

2017 ended up being a turning point in Zarina's online business journey. Due to an accident and orthopedic surgery on her foot and ankle, she was in severe pain. She also could not walk for months.

She read an encouraging Wealthy Affiliate member post and decided to take things seriously. It would take her mind off her situation and the pain. Stuck in a room with nothing else to do for months, Zarina figured she might as well make the best of her time alone.

The later part of 2017 Zarina started her Amazon niche site.

Life Improves

Zarina not only started walking again, but she was also seeing progress on her Amazon site. It was happening slowly at first since she also needed her energy to heal.

At one point Zarina even hired writers to help her with her website business. She had articles written using the "best of" strategy and was beginning to understand how to grow her income.

Slowly but steady, she also saw the income start to roll in. The money is what everyone wants when they start an online business, but many do not want to do the work.

Helping Not Selling

Helping other people

Zarina credits Wealthy Affiliate for her success. As the site grows and she becomes an authority in her niche, she realizes that work is not so much selling as it is helping people.

This concept is something that Kyle, one of the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate, teaches in his training. 

All of us, when we start, think mostly about the money. However, Kyle teaches that we're in the business of helping, not selling. It pays off one way or another.

For Zarina, this included a sense of pride and accomplishment. Yes, the money did also come as a result. Along with that was the vacation with friends, fully paid for thanks to her Amazon niche site.

Zarina always ends her posts with inspiration and advice:

  • Follow the training.
  • Connect with other members and ask questions.
  • Make sure you do the work and be PATIENT. Starting a business takes time. You will not see immediate results.

You can read about Zarina's recent trip, and her successes at My Amazon Site Paid for My Trip to Washington, DC! (And I Met Nomadic Matt).

Never give up on your dreams

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