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November 11, 2017

Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program

This post may contain affiliate links for products I recommend. If you click a link and buy something I may receive some compensation. This does not change the price you would pay.

Ronnie Was Already a Successful Affiliate Marketer

This online success story is about Ronnie, who has been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2017. Ronnie was already a successful online marketer prior and joined for the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program.

Ronnie is located in Prague, Czech Republic, and is already a full-time affiliate marketer. His niche is with the make money online.

Ronnie had done some research into Wealthy Affiliate and had heard some incredible things about the community. He was amazed at the amount of knowledge and experience within the community. He was also very impressed with the support.

His research also found the WA affiliate program to be better than most programs in this niche. He is always looking for good programs to promote, and Wealthy Affiliate met his criteria.

With only a few months left in the calendar year after joining, Ronnie quickly qualified for the Super Affiliate Vegas trip. This bonus is a fully paid trip from Wealthy Affiliate for those members who refer 300 or more paying new members to the community.

Ronnie and his wife Misa made the trip to Las Vegas for their first time. It was a nine-hour time difference from central Europe to Last Vegas, and they had a great trip over. They also had a great experience with Kyle and Carson, the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate. 

They look forward to making the trip again next year. Ronnie posted many pictures of their journey on one of his other blog posts in the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Tips for $100 Days with the WA Affiliate Program

Ronnie has been consistently earning more than $100 per day with the Wealthy Affiliate program. He offers some advice on how to maximize your referrals.

His advice revolves around connecting with your free referrals and establishing a rapport with them. As a reminder, the program only pays when the free referrals upgrade to premium.

Encourage People

Getting new members to sign up for free is a pretty easy sell. There are no risks with doing this, but the downside is that they may not be very motivated to go through the free training.

Ronnie's experience has been that many of the new members who complete the free generally upgrade to premium. So encouraging them to start the training can be extremely helpful.

The WA affiliate program provides tools that send automated messages to your new members. He advised taking advantage of these tools for the initial welcome. However, personally posting encouraging comments once they complete their goals, etc., can be an even better motivator.

New members who complete the training and upgrade to premium are more than likely to remain members for a long time. 

You can read about Ronnie's success with the WA affiliate program and his trip to Vegas at Tip for consistent $100 days with the WA affiliate program.

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