January 23, 2019

Wealthy Affiliate And Success

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This success story is about Mira, who has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since 2018. This story is not a success story about money as much as it is a report of her progress with Wealthy Affiliate and success.

Yes, Mira is young and attractive. The reason I include her success story is the progress she has made on her website in such a short amount of time. It looks very professional. Most "newbie websites" do not appear this good. 

She gives the name of her website in the post link at the bottom of this article. It's easy to find using one of the search engines.

She is also a personal trainer in her full-time job, so choosing an online niche in this same area was a perfect fit for her.

A couple of areas stand out in this particular success story:


Affiliate marketing works best if you choose a niche in which you have experience and enjoy. 

Creating a website is not all easy. Doing so with a subject matter you enjoy, makes it more likely you'll succeed with earning extra income.

Furthermore, researching different products and information can help you with your current job.

I myself always want to learn more. I find that this kind of learning activity makes me a better employee in my day job. If I get to the point I can quit my day job, well that's a bonus.

It also gives you more authority in your niche. If you look at one of the reviews from Mira's site, you can see she posted pictures of herself using the product. 

That alone gives her review more credibility. But also the fact that she is a certified personal trainer boosts her credibility a lot more. As a reader, you're going to trust her product reviews.


One of Mira's earlier posts indicates she is from Finland and English is not her first language. She already knew how to speak in English, but writing long articles using it proved to be a lot more complicated.

I find this interesting because of the global reach affiliate marketing offers. Looking at Mira's website, you would not initially realize that she resides in Finland. The site has a .com extension, and the English articles are well written. Either she has mastered it, or she is using a grammar checking tool such as Grammarly, which I've already reviewed.

Amazon products quickly ship anywhere in the USA, so this provides millions of products to a person in a different country.

Google Ads also display on her website. These localized ads shown to me offer products and services near to where I live.

Both of these monetizing methods provide a wealth of opportunities for affiliate marketers in different countries.

Hopefully, Mira sticks with her website and continues her progress in affiliate marketing so that we see a money success story as well. It certainly appears that she has a lot going for her with her development so far. Another post indicates she upgraded to a yearly membership.

“GUESS WHAT, I just upgraded my membership to yearly!

I wouldn't ever think that I could learn so much in one month! Finding this community has been one of the best things that have happened to me for a while. Thank you Roope Kiuttu, that I found your YouTube channel and joined here because of your inspirational attitude.” - Mira

Wealthy Affiliate and Success

This success story also illustrates the unique combination of personal skills and affiliate marketing. Not everyone can succeed in selling "Make Money Online" products. It's hugely competitive. But there are tons and tons of different niches that people fit into and can make good money.

You can read Mira's post at Wealthy Affiliate and Success - My Progress Thus Far!.

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