If you're a CNC enthusiast or professional, you know that one of the common challenges in CNC routing is dealing with the dust and debris generated during machining. A messy workspace not only affects the quality of your work but also poses health risks. That's where the Universal CNC Dust Shoe by Avid CNC is rescued. This comprehensive guide will delve into everything you need to know about this innovative solution, from its features and benefits to how to make one for yourself.

What Is the Universal CNC Dust Shoe?

The Universal CNC Dust Shoe is an open-source project developed by Avid CNC, designed to provide a cleaner work area for CNC routing machines that use routers or CNC spindles. Whether you have a ready-to-assemble Benchtop CNC machine or a large-format CNC, this dust shoe offers high performance and affordability.

Key Features and Benefits

Let's explore the key features and benefits of the Universal CNC Dust Shoe:

  • Effective Dust Collection: This dust shoe is designed to capture dust and debris efficiently during CNC operations, ensuring a cleaner and safer workspace.
  • Customizable Design: One of the standout features of this project is its adaptability. It can be adjusted to fit most routers or spindles and supports standard dust hose sizes. Whether you have a 3 HP Spindle or a typical router, you can find pre-configured files to help your specific equipment.
  • Fusion 360 Compatibility: If you're familiar with Fusion 360, you can customize the design further by adjusting parameters like Spindle Diameter and Hose Diameter. This level of customization ensures a snug fit for your equipment.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: The Universal CNC Dust Shoe offers an economical way to improve your CNC workspace. Reducing dust and debris also prolongs the life of your CNC machine and tools.
  • Open-Source: Avid CNC provides this project under a Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license, allowing you to use and modify it for non-commercial purposes. However, if you plan to sell dust shoes based on this design, you'll need to contact Avid CNC for licensing details.

Materials You'll Need

To create your own Universal CNC Dust Shoe, you'll need the following materials and quantities:

  • 6.5"x11"x1" HDPE - 1 piece
  • 6.5"x11"x.5" HDPE - 1 piece
  • 3" Brush Strip - 24" length
  • M8 x 16mm Button Head Fastener - 6 pieces
  • M8 x 13mm Threaded Inserts - 6 pieces (available on Amazon)
  • 3/8" Coin Magnets - 6 pieces
  • 4" Hose Clamps - 2 pieces

You can find these materials from various sources, including the provided links, to get started on your dust shoe project.

How to Customize and Build Your Dust Shoe

Customization Tip: When adjusting parameters in Fusion 360, choose a value slightly larger than the actual diameter of your router or spindle to ensure a proper fit without excessive force. Also, please undersize the dust hose slightly to provide a secure connection.

Assembly: Follow the provided source files, including VCarve Project (.zip) and Fusion 360 (Parametric) Design (.f3d), to assemble your dust shoe. Detailed instructions can be found on Thingiverse Project Listing, where you can share your dust shoe build with the community.


The Universal CNC Dust Shoe by Avid CNC is a game-changer for CNC enthusiasts and professionals looking to maintain a clean and efficient workspace. Its customizable design, cost-effectiveness, and open-source nature make it a valuable addition to any CNC setup. So, why wait? Start your dust-free CNC journey today and enjoy a cleaner work environment.

Universal CNC Dust Shoe | Avid CNC Universal CNC Dust Shoe | Avid CNC
  • 💡 Avid CNC offers an open-source Universal CNC Dust Shoe for cleaner CNC workspaces.
  • 🧰 Customize the design to fit your router/spindle and dust hose using Fusion 360.
  • 🔗 Find source files on VCarve, Fusion 360, and Thingiverse.

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