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June 16, 2017

The Secret to Top Search Engine Ranking

This post may contain affiliate links for products I recommend. If you click a link and buy something I may receive some compensation. This does not change the price you would pay.

Frank's Success Story

This online success story is about Frank, who has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since 2013. Frank has been invited to the WA Super Affiliate conference four years, and he claims to know the secret to top search engine ranking.

Frank is writing a Wealthy Affiliate blog post in the middle of the year, June. He just received his invitation to the WA conference in Vegas. This annual super affiliate invitation is his fourth year in a row. 

He has yet to accept any of the invitations, however, as he lives in New Zealand. Traveling this distance would be quite a long trip for him.

His only regret is that he did not earn this earlier in the year.

Members at Wealthy Affiliate are generally considered a super affiliate once they receive the Vegas invite. What this means is a fully paid trip to Las Vegas to meet with the two co-founders Kyle and Carson.

To qualify, you need to refer 300 new premium members to Wealthy Affiliate within one calendar year. These are upgraded members (paying), not free signup members.

The Secret to Getting Sales

Frank writes that he is asked periodically from other members, on what's the secret to his sales success? He responds that there are a bunch of things.

It's been my experience that very few successful affiliate marketers will give out any specific details to their success. Frank is no exception to this.

Unfortunately, there are many people in this world that if they know the exact steps to take for success, will copy it. These people could even be Wealthy Affiliate members.

What Frank does disclose, however, is that the things leading to his success don't make sense until you get a deeper understanding of the process. As he says it, there are layers and layers of different things involved.

To understand the process, you have to start somewhere and get involved. Once fully immersed, you begin to get the insight.

Frank credits his success to Wealthy Affiliate. He is proof that their training does work.

He also encourages you to set your sights higher. Members think that with 10, 20 or maybe 30 posts on your site should be plenty of content. His option that's not always true. You may need 100 or perhaps even 300 posts to succeed.

Frank's one piece of advice with writing these posts is that they must be RANKABLE. In other words, highly targeted keyword and niche related posts which are DESIGNED to generate traffic.

The Money Bell Curve Diagram

Franks writes another, earlier blog post and includes his money bell curve graphic. For many people, this probably seems self-explanatory. But if you're new to affiliate marketing, it may be useful.

The left side of the curve starts your new business journey. It begins with your training at Wealthy Affiliate. 

Gradually you start to earn some income, but for most people, it is very little at first. It's also during this time that many people give up on affiliate marketing. Some people may find the left side of this curve steeper than others.

Unfortunately though, if you quit three-quarters of the way up this curve, then you never see the resulting success at the top.

After you master the process, then over time, your sales become greater and greater. The right side of the curve is what everyone is working to achieve. Since you understand the process now, you rinse and repeat the same process over and over again.

The moral of this diagram is never to give up! 

The Money Bell Curve

Some members could see good search engine rankings within a couple of weeks. It also depends entirely on your chosen niche. For most people, though, it will require tons of patience. Your new content ranks against millions and millions of competitor pages.

Frank's Light Bulb Moments From a Movie

Frank did have one light bulb moment during his progress, and it came from watching The Internship movie.

It was a scene in the movie where Vince Vaughn's character struggled trying to understand Gmail support. He attempted to understand all of the jargon and technical aspects. He could not make sense of it all.

Light Bulb Moment

At this point in the scene, a bearded actor entered. It turned out later that this person was supposed to be the Head of Search at Google. His response to the struggling Vince was that "You can do this - This can be learned."

It was at this moment that Frank realized this applied to the members at Wealthy Affiliate also. It was his lightbulb moment.

Don't get caught up in too many details. Learn the fundamentals, follow the tasks, and post content to your site. One day, maybe even sooner than you think, you'll arrive at the top of the money bell curve.

You can read about Frank's success, and his lightbulb moments at Congrats, you have made Vegas! 4th Year In A Row.

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