You can find an excellent selection of high-quality SVG files at SVGCrown. In addition, all vector designs are free to download.

SVG Files for DIY Projects

All the files made available on SVGCrown are from their website users, so the licenses are personal-use only rights. You can create something for your friends or family using these files, but you can not sell anything made from them.

The created SVG files' primary use is for cutting and printing projects. Therefore, all the downloads provide a compressed ZIP file. Once extracted, you will have the design's PNG and SVG versions.

SVG formatted files work efficiently with most CNC software. The main issue for CNC wood machines is the quality of the vectors which make up the design.

The website navigation is primarily by categories. The site also calls them collections. It's easy to use if you click their "All Categories" link.

The categories display as small tiles, with a subset of the available vector designs, in each tile. This design preview makes it easy to see what the collection includes. In addition, you can click the Browse all button within the tile to see one or more pages of designs.

The only negative I saw with their navigation is that the Search option at the top of their home page needs fixing. Also, some category tiles return a 404 - page not found error. I assume someone removed the designs from the site, but the category was not.

Rose SVG File Free Download

The first vector design I downloaded was a Rose. It was a simple design, but I've found it difficult in the past to discover.

The process for downloading the files was easy. First, click the Download button and choose where to save the ZIP file.

Rose SVG free download

I created a new file in the Vectric Aspire CNC software with a simulated Cherry hardwood setting. The material was twelve inches wide by twelve inches high and one inch thick.

I imported the vector design and centered it on the material. I did not resize the design but left it at its default size.

Rose SVG Vectors

The first vector quality check was to review the node editor. The nodes looked clean, with a large number of smooth blue-colored nodes.

Rose SVG Vector Node Editor

The following vector quality check was with the Vector Validator. This software function did not find any issues with the vectors. This kind of quality only happens sometimes.

Rose SVG Vector Node Validator

The last quality check is for the software to find any "open" or "duplicate" vectors. Fortunately, it did not find either of these problems, so it's time to create a toolpath.

The simplest toolpath to create is a V-Carve using the 60-degree v-bit. Again, I did not use the clearance tool option or enable the Flat Depth option.

The software created the toolpath without any warning messages. 

Rose V-Carve Toolpath

The final step was to run the new toolpath using the CNC software simulator. Again, the toolpath ran without problems, and the result was excellent. This image is a great vector design for a CNC wood sign.

Rose V-Carve Simulator Result

Hello Kitty SVG File Free Download

The second vector design I downloaded was Hello Kitty. It was just as easy to download as the earlier design files.

Hello Kitty SVG File Free Download

I created a second file in the Vectric Aspire CNC software using the same simulated Cherry hardwood settings. The material size was again twelve inches wide by twelve inches high and one inch thick.

I imported the design and centered it on the material. Then I resized the vectors to fit.

Hello Kitty SVG File Free Download

The first vector quality check was to enable the node editor. This option showed lots of smooth blue-colored nodes. This many means many curve vectors in the design, making it easier for the CNC Wood machine to process.

Hello Kitty Vector Node Editor

The second vector quality review is the Vector Validator. This function in the Vectric CNC software lets you find any potential problems with the vectors.

With our Hello Kitty design, the software found zero problems with the vectors.

Hello Kitty Vector Validator

The final check was for any "open" or "duplicate" vectors in the design. The software did not find either of these problems.

The final step is to create another V-Carve toolpath. I typically use the 60-degree v-bit without a clearance tool. I also left unchecked the flat-depth option.

The software calculated the toolpath without any error messages.

Hello Kitty V-Carve Toolpath

The last task was to run the new toolpath using the CNC software's simulator. This design result also turned out excellent.

"Hello Kitty" is another attractive sign you can make for your family with the free SVG file from SVGCrown.

Download Free SVG Files for DIY Projects

VCarve Pro Download Files


You must verify all tool path settings, especially the bit settings, to ensure they are compatible with your CNC machine. Every CNC machine operates differently!

V-bit Tool settings

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