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June 3, 2019

Small Outdoor Table Umbrella Review: Flame & Shade

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Summary of the Small Outdoor Table Umbrella

The Flame & Shade 7.5 foot LED small outdoor table umbrella is perfect for the average-sized deck or patio. It is easy to operate, and the LED lights make it an excellent attraction for those warm summer nights. The LED lights are solar-charged during the daylight hours so that no extra wiring or hookup is required.

Note: A Minimum Base Weight Requirement = 30 lbs. is required for this umbrella.


Quality Fabric - 200gsm solution dyed polyester provides all-round durability at an affordable price.

Wind Resistant

The umbrella must be closed and secured in windy conditions higher than 5-6mph.


The solar-powered LED lights make this an exceptional value.

Overall rating :  4.2 / 5


  • Quality Fabric  
  • Trusted Brand Name
  • LED Lights
  • Solar Powered


  • Wind Resistance is Minimal
  • Reports of Color Fading

Bigger Is Not Always Better with Patio Umbrellas 

Large patio table umbrellas are harder to move around and operate. They take up lots of space, which can be especially true on a typical sized deck. 

These bigger umbrellas also tend to be more expensive. The center pole needs to be stronger and taller, there is more fabric, and all the mechanical parts required to open and close the umbrella need to be stronger.

What Are the Different Sizes of Patio Umbrellas?

Outdoor umbrellas come in three basic shapes - round, square and rectangular. 

A rough idea of Patio Umbrella Sizes can be seen below:

Small Umbrellas:

5.5 - 7 feet

Medium Umbrellas:

7.5 - 10 feet

Large Umbrellas:

10.3 plus feet

If you follow these sizing guidelines, this Flame & Shade umbrella is right in the middle of small and medium. Depending on the marketing materials, many manufacturers still consider this a small table umbrella.

What This Product Has to Offer

  • This particular umbrella has an added feature of LED lighting from the sun, which simply means that it is powered by a solar rechargeable battery. This includes a dual switched hub light at the center and 24 individual rib lights.
  • Quality Fabric is used, 200gsm solution dyed polyester provides all-round durability at an affordable price. For extra protection from fading and damage, the following PROTECTIVE UMBRELLA STORAGE COVER is compatible.
  • It's easy to operate. An effortless and reliable crank winder is provided for smooth opening and closing. NOTE: The umbrella must be closed and secured in windy conditions higher than 5-6mph.
  • It's constructed to be durable. Powder-coated steel provides the ultimate combination for outdoor use. NOTE: Base weight is required and is NOT included.
  • Protection from the sun in different directions is provided. Multiple shading options for the whole family with a simple, trouble-free push button tilting. NOTE: Tilting the canopy even in a light wind can damage the umbrella.

Durable Construction and Good Support

This patio umbrella is excellent looking and perfect for a summer night. Some customers report the LED lighting is brighter than expected.

The quality is excellent, and the functionality is easy to use. Flame & Shade Small Outdoor Table Umbrella has a reputation for excellent customer support.

  • Steel Frame with Durable Powder Coating. 
  • 1½" Center Pole.
  • 6 Rectangular Ribs.
  • Solution Dyed Polyester Canopy. 
  • Crank Winder to open and close. 
  • 2 position Push Button Tilt Function.
  • 24 LED Rib Lights.
  • Central LED Hub Light.
  • Dual switching for rib lights and hub light.
  • Solar Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery 3.7V 2000mAh.
  • Air and Heat Release Vent.
  • Velcro Safety Storage Strap.
  • Product Weight: 11.3lbs approximately.

Alternative Products

#2nd Rated

Sunnyglade 9' Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Umbrella

Highly rated, but less expensive. However, no LED lighting is included.

#3rd Rated

RUBEDER 7.5' Patio Umbrella Outdoor Market Table Umbrella

Another affordable option without LED lighting. Includes a wind vent at the top for wind and heat ventilation.

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