June 24, 2015

Self-Employed and Loving It!

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Shawn's Success Story

This online business success story is about Shawn, who has been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2012. Shawn was a professional, traveling musician for many years and writes that now both his wife and himself are self-employed and loving it!

Shawn's latest accomplishment is having his wife home working with him. It took Shawn roughly three years to fully accomplish this goal.

Shawn originally started with Wealthy Affiliate while deeply in debt. He had been a professional musician his whole adult life. His health was beginning to fail, and being on the road all the time was killing him.

He and his wife decided he would come home and learn how to build an online business. He wanted to learn how to promote a 15-year program his wife had designed to rehabilitate inmates in the prison system.

Shawn stumbled on to Wealthy Affiliate through one of Kyle and Carson's (co-founders of WA) sister site called Street Articles. It was there that Kyle convinced Shawn that Wealthy Affiliate could provide him the learning experience he needed.

It took Shawn about six months to earn 6 cents. It turned out that Shawn's chosen niche was too broad. A couple of members convinced to narrow it down to a more profitable niche. Within 30 days of this change, he had earned $1,400 and never looked back.

Shawn's Affiliate Marketing Experience

When Shawn joined Wealthy Affiliate, he had only a basic computer knowledge and a fundamental idea of how the internet works. He had zero marketing experience.

Shawn does this now full-time. He paid over $35K in hospital bills and has tripled his income every year.

Prison System

He now hopes since his wife is working with him that they can fulfill their dream of promoting his wife's rehabilitation program for prison systems.

Shawn has found that there are a lot of millionaires hanging out at Wealthy Affiliate. He said that they are chat, helping out other members and you would never know it.

Shawn offers a few useful tips for new members, just starting:

  • Don't get wrapped up in the ranking system or live chat in the Wealthy Affiliate community. You need to focus on your website.
  • Don't skip around the training and cherry-pick only those things you are interested in learning. Go through each of the lessons and follow the tasks assigned. If you need more help, do some research on the community platform or ask questions.
  • Keep a slow a steady pace. There is a lot of information to absorb. Some times you need to take a break and let your brain rest a bit. Build a schedule of tasks you need to do and stick to it!

You can read more about Shawn's online business success at Bringing the wife home. A real WA success story!

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