PwnCNC stands out as a leader in the CNC accessories market, offering innovative solutions for CNC enthusiasts and professionals. Their product range, including spindle kits, dust boots, and clamping solutions, embodies quality and innovation. Their plug-and-play Spindle Kit is noteworthy and acclaimed as the most user-friendly. 

The company's flagship product, the ATC (Automatic Tool Change) System, is designed for various CNC machines. It simplifies tool changes, boosting efficiency in any project. Additionally, PwnCNC's various spindle upgrades, like Kool Connectors and Spindle Wrenches, cater to diverse needs, enhancing machine performance.

PwnCNC's dedication to solving complex problems is evident in its products, including unique dust boot designs and the SpeedSetter tool. Since 2019, they have been a go-to source for CNC machine enhancements, driving forward the capabilities of hobby and professional CNC machining.

Which Dust Boot Works for You?

PwnCNC's dust boots are compatible with different CNC machines. For you to know precisely which of their boots is compatible with your machine, you should visit one of the support links below:

Choosing the Perfect PwnCNC Dust Boot

Dust Boot v2

  • Product Details: PwnCNC's Dust Boot v2 requires a separate bracketing system and offers improved features over its predecessor, including z-axis independence and a removable face for bit changes.
  • Design and Components: Features a rear-mounted hose design for easy access, including a large acrylic boot floor, a brush, wings, and a hose adapter. The z-independent bracketing system is sold separately.
  • Customer Feedback: Rated 4.50 out of 5, praised for ease of setup and functionality, with some delivery and component fitting issues.
Dust Boot v2 – PwnCNC

What's included:

  • PwnCNC Dust Boot v2 in your choice of color
  • Boot Face in Black
  • Large sized acrylic boot "floor" with pass through for most router bits.
  • 1" brush and wings
  • 2.5" Adapter (SuckIt's... 2.28" ID /2.48" OD)

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Dust Boot v3

  • Product: PwnCNC Dust Boot v3, an advanced, z-axis independent dust boot.
  • Key Features: Removable face for bit changes, rear-mounted hose, interchangeable hose adapters.
  • Compatibility: Requires a specific bracketing system. Check machine configuration compatibility.
  • Included Components: Dust boot, boot face, acrylic "roof," brush, wings, 2.5" adapter.
  • Not Included: Z-Independent Bracketing, available separately.
  • Customer Feedback: Mixed reviews, noting convenience but limited space for high materials.
  • Additional Products: Related dust boots and bracketing systems are offered.
Dust Boot v3 – PwnCNC

What's Included:

  • PwnCNC Dust Boot v3 in your choice of color
  • Boot Face in Black
  • Large acrylic boot "roof," which allows most spindles and palm routers to plunge into your stock material
  • 1" brush and wings.
  • 2.5" Adapter (SuckIt's... 2.28" ID /2.48" OD)

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Dust Boot v6

  • Product: PwnCNC Dust Boot v6, a z-independent dust boot requiring an additional bracketing system.
  • Design Features: Retains previous model features like z-axis independence, introduces a front-mounted hose design, and accommodates deep carving spindles up to 80mm.
  • Components: Includes the dust boot in various colors, two sizes of acrylic boot "floor", a 1.5" brush, wings, and a 2.5" adapter.
  • Exclusions: Z-Independent Bracketing system sold separately.
  • Assembly: Instructions similar to v4 model; link provided for reference.
Dust Boot v6 – PwnCNC

What's Included:

  • PwnCNC Dust Boot v6 in your choice of colors
  • Two acrylic boot "floor" sizes with pass-through for most router bits and Routers and Spindles up to 80mm in diameter.
  • 1.5" brush and wings.
  • 2.5" Adapter (SuckIt's... 2.28" ID /2.48" OD)

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Dust Boot v7

  • PwnCNC Dust Boot v7: A router-mounted dust boot, incompatible with Onefinity Z-20 +80mm carriage.
  • Compatibility: Works with 65-69mm collar sizes, fits Makita, Carbide3d, Dewalt, Bauer palm routers, and 65mm spindles.
  • Features:
    • Large handle for adjustment, removable magnetic brush track with 2" bristles, and magnetic spacer track.
    • Acrylic base plate for clear-cutting bit viewing, enhanced with a pen light.
    • 2.5" MagLock receiver for easy cleanup.
  • Accessories Included:
    • Mounting collars, handle, hardware, base plate with MagLock port, brush tracks, and 2.5" MagLock Round Adapter.
  • Additional Options:
    • Versions with 4" hose intake and MagConverter for custom hose adapters.
    • Recommended Body Extender for Air-Cooled spindles.
  • Customer Feedback: High satisfaction (5.00 out of 5 from 12 reviews) for its effectiveness and ease of use.
Dust Boot v7 – PwnCNC

What's Included?

  • BOTH 2" tall and 1" tall Mounting Collars
  • Handle and other hardware
  • Large acrylic base plate with MagLock receiver port and embedded magnets that securely hold the...
  • Spacer, Wide Brush track with 2" bristles, and Narrow Brush track with 1.5" bristles
  • 2.5" MagLock Round Adapter. This band-clamps (not included) onto your hose so it easily connects into the boot.

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Dust Boot v9

  • PwnCNC Dust Boot v9: Designed for CNC machines with features like z-axis independence and a 4" hose intake.
  • Size Options: Available in 175mm and 220mm, with 220mm as the recommended default.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with certain CNC machines and requires the Ultimate Hose Clamp with a 4" attachment.
  • Testing and Feedback: Tested on specific models like Shapeoko Pro and Onefinity. Feedback from users is encouraged.
  • Return Policy: No full refunds post-first use; offers partial trade-in for store credit.
  • Components: Includes two acrylic "roofs", a "floor", a brush, wings, and a 4" adapter. Z-Independent Bracketing and the Hose Clamp are sold separately.
  • Customer Reviews: There are mixed reviews, with issues about missing parts and needing more product descriptions.
Dust Boot v9 – PwnCNC

What's Included:

  • PwnCNC Dust Boot v9
  • Two Acrylic "roofs" (66mm and 78mm openings) and an Acrylic "floor"
  • 1" brush and wings.
  • 4" MagLock Round Adapter
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Dust Boot v10

  • Product Introduction: The Dust Boot v10 from PwnCNC is an upgraded dust boot designed to overcome issues found in the v7 version, explicitly targeting 80mm spindles.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for 80mm spindles, it is not compatible with 65mm spindles or certain routers like Dewalt and Makita.
  • Design Features:
    • Band-clamp mounting for space efficiency.
    • Magnetic removable parts for easy maintenance.
    • Clear acrylic base plate for monitoring cutting operations.
  • Options and Accessories: Offers hose intakes in 2.5" or 4" sizes, with additional brush and spacer tracks available.
  • Customer Feedback: Overall positive reviews, with an average rating of 4.86 out of 5. Customers appreciate its functionality and design, with minor issues noted regarding part attachments.
Dust Boot v10 – PwnCNC

Supporting 80mm spindles with either a 2.5" or 4" hose intakes:

  • A removable magnetic Spacer, Brush Track with 2" bristles, and Brush Track with long 1.5" bristles. Additional tracks are available as well as other brush lengths.
  • Large acrylic base-plate which provides easy viewing of your cutting bit. Pro-Tip... shine a pen light and have a great view of your cuts in action.
  • 2.5" OR 4" MagLock (female) receiver embedded directly into the boot for super easy cleanup in front of your machine.. Corresponding MagLock Male hose adapter included free.

Note:  v10 is designed specifically for our 80mm spindles. It is not compatible with our 65mm spindles, Dewalt or Makita palm routers at this time.

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