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June 13, 2019

QuickZip Sheets Queen – No More Corners Popping Off

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Summary of QuickZip Sheets Queen

We took a look at the benefits of the QuickZip Sheets Queen and found the following results:



Sheets are made from 100% cotton with no chemicals added.



Why didn't someone think of this a long time ago?


A little expensive.

However, it's probably no worse than other high-quality sheet sets.

Overall rating :  4.8 / 5

Summary: QuickZip sheets queen are a simple concept and simple design. This allows changing bedsheets without having to lift a heavy mattress. It's an excellent solution. It keeps the fitted sheet from popping off the corners of the bed at night.



  • Simple, patented method of changing the bedsheets.
  • All different bed sizes.
  • Great for people with health issues, making it difficult to change their bedsheets.
  • Free shipping. Free Gift Wrap.


  • A bit more expensive
  • Not many color options.

The Nightmare of Fitted Sheets That We Take For Granted

Bed sheets are challenging to change, especially with the larger queen and king-size mattresses. How many times have you gone to bed late, exhausted from the day, only to realize that the bedsheets still needed to be put on? Your spouse washed them but needed your help in getting them back on.

Have you woken during the night only to find your fitted sheet has popped off the corner? It's not easy getting it back on in the middle of the night. Most people leave it, falling back to sleep with that uncomfortable feeling of the sheet bunched up underneath you.

Is it even possible to fold a fitted sheet? I don't think so, most natural to cram it into the linen closet.

Signs You Have Fitted Sheet Problems

It's simple to know if you have a fitted sheet problem:

  • You struggle with lifting the mattress to put the sheet on.
  • You can't get around all the sides of the bed.
  • The mattress is difficult to get at like daybeds, bunk beds or lofts.
  • You have arthritis in your hands, back or legs making it impossible to change regular fitted bed sheets.
  • You're tired of having the corners pop off the bed every single night.

How QuickZip Sheets Queen Work

How QuickZip sheets work is quite simple. It comes with two parts, the bottom or base feature which once put on your mattress stays on your bed and then the Zip-on sheet which comes off each time you need to wash your sheets.

The product is different depending on whether you buy their Fitted Sheets vs. Crib Sheets:

Fitted Sheets

  1. 1
    First Time Use: The bottom or fitted base sheet is open underneath so you put it on your bed much the same as a regular sheet. The difference is that the bottom extends 3-4 inches underneath the mattress with sturdy elastic all around the bottom opening, which keeps it firmly in place. The corners also have vertical elastic, allowing it to fit your bed tightly.
  2. 2
    Zip the Zip-on sheet off to change or wash.

Crib Sheets

  1. 1
    First Time Use: Drop the baby mattress into the base.
  2. 2
    Zip the Zip-on sheet on to the bed.
  3. 3
    Zip the Zip-on sheet off to change or wash.

The QuickZip Sheet Benefits

Quality is Built-In

  • SuperGrip Corners 
  • Top Quality Zipper
  • Material That Gives You the Feels
  • Sheets are made from 100% cotton with no chemicals added. 400 thread count included in the Luxe Collection. 
  • Secure Fit. No pop offs!
  • Premium Stitching. Double-needle topstitching.
  • Matching labels on the base sheet and zip-on sheet take the guesswork out of which corner to start on when putting them on.
  • Easy Pull Zipper. Large pull ribbon.

Many Different Uses for QuickZip Sheets

  • College students with their small dorm rooms and bunk beds.
  • Apartment and their smaller living areas.
  • Kids jumping on their beds. Also, no more excuses from them for not being able to change their sheets!
  • Have you as a parent ever had to change a wet baby crib sheet in the middle of the night? It's not easy. With QuickZip crib sheets, you unzip the wet one and zip on a fresh, clean one.
  • Do you go camping? Changing the mattress sheets in a camper or trailer can be a real pain due to the tight placement of the beds. QuickZip takes the hassle out of changing these RV bed sheets. They also have an RV Queen size available.
  • If you have a guest room with many people coming and going your bed sheets need to be changed more frequently. QuickZip makes this painless.
  • Senior Citizens: Let's face it, your body breaks down as you age and every little task becomes more difficult, especially having to lift a heavy mattress to change your sheets. QuickZip makes this as simple as pulling a zipper to change.


QuickZip earns Safe Sleep Guardian badge from First Candle

Tricia's Story Video

About QuickZip, The Company

Shipping and Returns Policy

Orders placed are shipped from their global headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Orders in the US are shipped free via (mostly) US Postal Service Priority Mail. Shipping options by FedEx offered during checkout. International destinations are also available during checkout.

If you're not 100% satisfied, US Orders have a free return policy less the original shipping charges. They request that you contact them within 30 days of your purchase.

If the product you receive is defective, then you will be issued a full credit, replaced or exchanged.

The Leadership Team

The all-women leadership team at QuickZip appears skilled and qualified with running an excellent company.

Elizabeth Sopher, co-founder & CEO

Elizabeth makes sure the products get designed and manufactured right. She is their innovator and involved with spreading QuickZip to new markets.

Caroline Portis, co-founder & CFO

Caroline is involved in all areas of finance and operations as CFO, COO, auditor, and controller. She is also involved in developing the company's growth plans.

Tammy Buxman, operations & customer service manager

Tammy handles working with customers. "She is our executioner of execution, star of service to our customers, and officer of operations."

Goodbye Fitted Sheet, Hello QuickZip Video

Awards and News



Add QuickZip Fitted Sheets or Crib Sheets to Your Registry

Alternative Products


Zip Crib Sheets Starter Pack

Available in the following options:

  • Basic (1 base and 1 zip-on sheet).
  • Premium (1 base and 3 zip-on sheets).
  • Deluxe (1 base, 3 zip-on sheets and 2 mattress pads).
  • Additional zip-on sheets and mattress pads are also sold separately.

Available in Organic Cotton - Organic Cotton is GOTS Certified.


Sateen New-Way Duvet Cover

  • Luxe Sateen Long-Staple Cotton, 400 Thread Count, OEKO-Tex Certified. Interior Corner Ties, Corner QuickClips, Hidden Zipper. 
  • Pinstripe Slate Gray Duvet Cover is reversible!  White on one side, White with Gray pinstripe on the other.
  • Quick to change and duvet stays put! 

QuickZip Zipping Bed Sheets Starter Pack - 400 TC Cotton Sateen "Luxe" Series

  • Won't pop off the mattress - Flexes to fit and stay snug
  • Quick to Change: Zips off and on in seconds
  • Easy to Fold: Base (and annoying elastic) stays on the mattress, fold only the rectangular Zip-On Sheet
  • Zipper is covered and out of sight
  • Easy access corner zipper start location
  • Get it right the first time - no more guessing which corner is which
  • Easy handling with large zipper pull ribbon
  • Luxurious 400-thread-count sateen 100% cotton that is soft and smooth- not slippery:) - with a subtle sheen
  • Deep pocket

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