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June 10, 2019

Making Money From A Website Sale

This post may contain affiliate links for products I recommend. If you click a link and buy something I may receive some compensation. This does not change the price you would pay.

This success story is about a long-time member of Wealthy Affiliate named Nathaniel. Nathaniel started with Wealthy Affiliate 9 years ago as a complete newbie. He decided to celebrate his anniversary with a $30,000 website sale.

This website sale is just another method of making money with affiliate marketing. However, it's not Nathaniel's only success during his nine years. 

At one time, this affiliate website was making him over $12,000 in monthly commissions. However, it was one of his first websites, and he made some mistakes. These mistakes caught up with him, and the monthly revenue eventually dropped to about $1,200 a month.

Using a multiple of 24x, the going rate for this website was about $30 grand. Less the commission, Nathaniel still took home about $25k from the sale. Not a bad return for one of his first websites.

You might be wondering why you would get rid of any website that was still making you money? For Nathaniel, it was a matter of time. He had two other leading sites he was working on, and he wanted to focus more on those.

Even though Nathaniel has reached a super affiliate status with his other websites, he stays involved in the Wealthy Affiliate community. He is always posting on his WA blog about lessons learned and advice for other newbies.

Not all of Nathaniel's reasons for staying involved with Wealthy Affiliate are altruistic, however. He found that he forged a lot of good relationships with other successful affiliate marketers. He is continually learning, and the affiliate landscape is continually changing.

The Wealthy Affiliate community is like-minded in their goals. This group makes it easy to discuss with other members, things like Google updates and using social media.

Do Something Great with Affiliate Marketing

He recently learned from Kyle, Marketing Chief at Wealthy Affiliate, that automating social media posts is not their goal. Wealthy Affiliates' goal is to create value and teach people how to build a business within the guidelines of services such as Google or Instagram.

His view is that everyone is still learning. There are always opportunities to improve your business and earn more money.

He also loves the flexibility that comes with affiliate marketing. Some people can make $100,000 plus per month, while others do well working less than an hour per week. Nathaniel wants to change people's lives through the power of the internet.

In summary, Nathaniel considers his time with Wealthy Affiliate and their training as life-changing. He is excited about the future.

You can read Nathaniel's post at 9th Anniversary And A $30,000 Sale

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