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December 4, 2018

Make 2,000 Dollars a Week, It Is Possible!

This post may contain affiliate links for products I recommend. If you click a link and buy something I may receive some compensation. This does not change the price you would pay.

Mary's Success Story

This online success story is about Mary, who has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since 2014. Mary recently landed her first $700 commission. This sale contributed to her first time to make 2,000 dollars a week.

While Mary has been a Wealthy Affiliate several years now, she was not able to work on her websites all that time. She had been very ill and spent time when she could in the training resources. 

Even though Mary was able to accomplish only a little at a time, she did start seeing some small results. The results were enough to make her membership with Wealthy Affiliate free. 

Prior Online Business Experience

Mary had tried different online business training systems before joining with Wealthy Affiliate. One, in particular, was Brendon Burchard's Experts Academy.

She took the free trial and was not impressed and returned it to him. This trial gave Mary the impression that it would cost thousands of dollars to start an online business.

Later she read a review of Experts Academy by one of the other successful WA super affiliates. Nat walked her through the steps needed to get online professionally by joining Wealthy Affiliate. Their website startup costs nothing in comparison.

Mary feels that Wealthy Affiliate has the best online resources for affiliate marketing training. They also have the best-managed WordPress hosting and support. 

She appreciates the opportunity Kyle and Carson provide. It is not a huge, upfront financial commitment needed. There are also no upsells you need to purchase to make your job easier with Wealthy Affiliate.

Mary notes the common denominator in WA successful people is:

  • Keep working and moving forward in the right direction with the foundational training and website building lessons learned at WA.
  • In regards to your niche, be yourself, and use your experiences to build it.

Your Journey to Generating Income

Journey to Generating Income

Mary offers advice to those just getting started by asking them three different questions. The answers to these questions help them to determine where they are in their journey toward online success.

1. Do you have the right mindset? Do you know which way you are going and are you thinking right to get there? If you do finally get there and become successful, would you waste it freely? Like many lottery winners do within two years of getting their windfall?

2. Do you have the right habits? To be successful with affiliate marketing, you need to be consistent. It can either be a high-speed or plodding type of consistency, as long as you are moving forward. 

SiteContent within Wealthy Affiliate offers help for this by giving you a place to set writing goals. You can set either a word count goal or an article count goal. Charting your progress against these goals helps keep you consistently moving forward. 

3. Do you have the right foundation? Mary divided up skills and training into two different areas.

  • How to manage a website? Wealthy Affiliate's training explains this perfectly. Their training takes you through the process step by step. They have high-end managed WordPress hosting included in the membership, so there are no extra purchases you need to make. Site support is also excellent and fits in perfectly with the training and resources.
  • Mastery of your niche. Wealthy Affiliate has excellent resources for the make money online niche. Outside of that, you are somewhat on your own. Realistically, there is no way that any learning platform could teach you all the possible unique niches.

WA does give you the skills and tools for keyword research, which is a significant part of any niche. Mary's opinion is that how you communicate with your content has a lot to do with your experience in any given niche.  

I did not follow the niche selection training at Wealthy Affiliate very carefully. Since I already had my niche selected when I joined. 

From what I did read, among other things, they do suggest that you choose a niche that you either have experience with or enjoy learning about more. While on your journey to generating the income, you have a ton of blog posts and research to do.

Is Being Busy the Same as Being Productive?

Mary's life before Wealthy Affiliate included several college degrees. She also experienced first-class honors, double and triple firsts at the university level, setting several different records, and full research scholarships. Mary calls it, real success at real universities.

Mary does not explicitly state in her blog post, her website niche. While reading through some of her earlier posts, you could think she is in some specific area of the health niche. 

Mary brings this up only because of her one pet peeve about the Wealthy Affiliate platform - the internal ranking system. 

The ranking system rewards members for their activity in the WA community only. Members can be extremely active and be moving up the ladder in rank, yet they may know nothing about building a website or making any money off from it. 

Many successful members are not active in the WA community. Therefore it is not always easy to know who they are unless you've been with Wealthy Affiliate a long time.

There are plenty of members just starting who do sincerely enjoy reading blog posts from other successful members. It gives them encouragement that they too can succeed. If none of the members posted their success stories, you would begin to wonder if success was possible?

In my opinion, this ranking system is not a deal-breaking issue that should keep you from joining Wealthy Affiliate. You need to understand that not all socially active members are successful members. Many are successful, but it takes some time to get to know who they are.

You can read more about Mary and her journey to success at My first $700 commission, first $2000 week.

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