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May 4, 2018

How to Increase Website Visitors

This post may contain affiliate links for products I recommend. If you click a link and buy something I may receive some compensation. This does not change the price you would pay.

Erin's Success Story

This online business success story is about Erin, who has been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2016. She unlocked the full potential of Pinterest and learned in a big way to increase website visitors.

Erin posted in an earlier blog how she had accumulated 49K monthly viewers on Pinterest. The very next day, she had 54K monthly viewers. That was an increase of 5,000 views in one day!

Social Media Icons on Tablet

What's Erin's secret with using Pinterest? There is no secret at all. She is on it daily, as part of her routine. Working with Pinterest is one of her tasks that she enjoys doing.

A later post has Erin's monthly viewers at 88.8K. This monthly viewers total translates into 4K monthly engaged followers, which means lots of activity around her boards. The result would be more activity on her websites.

Erin's Success Started Before Wealthy Affiliate

Erin already had a string of success when she joined up with Wealthy Affiliate.

  • She was a published author of children's Bibletoons series.
  • She was the founder and owner of her charity book foundation.
  • She was the web designer and owner of a web company.
  • She was also a speaker, motivator, mentor, and photographer.
  • She also became an ordained minister.

She stumbled on to Wealthy Affiliate one day while working on her computer. With the FREE option to try, it was a no-brainer for her to give it a shot. She loves writing, designing websites, and helping people, so it was a good fit for her.

Erin's Case Study on How to Generate $50,000 A Month

Erin also started a personal challenge to see if it was possible to generate $50k of online income per month. Furthermore, she wanted to know if it was possible to complete this challenge in one year. 

She would document her journey by creating posts in Wealthy Affiliate with all of the tasks she performed. Her documented journey was not intended to be official training material, just a personal goal that anyone could follow.

The following are her tasks:

Case Study Tasks

  • Purchase a niche-specific, keyword-friendly domain name.
  • Set an earnings goal for one year.
  • Since she would be using WordPress, a theme needs to be chosen to compliment her niche.
  • Take time to research her niche.
  • Make a list of 10 topics to start generating content for on her blog.
  • Write the first blog post.
  • Continue setting up her WordPress website and theme.
  • Edit her first blog post and publish it to her site.
  • Outline her second post and finish the rough draft.
  • Published and completed the first article with photos and a video.
  • Did keyword research to find the unique and high-ranking ones.
  • Install and activate the required plugins that will most help her site.
  • Create the Privacy Policy and change it to include her business contact information.
  • Start working on her "About" page for the website.
  • She finished the Privacy Policy and "About" pages to her new website.
  • Installed the WP GDPR plugin and configured it.
  • Installed and activated the Yoast plugin for keyword accuracy.
  • Finish the initial keyword research.
  • Erin completed her Affiliate Disclosure.
  • Review and rewrite earlier reviews on Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy for her new site.
  • More keyword research.
  • More SEO and keyword research.
  • Erin wrote another article.
  • Have a total of six pages published on the new site.
  • Finished configuring the Yoast SEO plugin.
  • She set up the Google Search Console.
  • Verified new site on both Google and Bing Seach Consoles.
  • Download and install the ClickFunnels plugin.
  • Created a new capture page funnel on ClickFunnels.
  • Created an eBook to include as a Free Giveaway.
  • Setup the new eBook as a download in Aweber for new subscribers to receive.
  • Added an Email Optin and Popup on the new Capture Page.
  • Linked the new Capture Page to Aweber to capture email addresses.
  • Erin finished the new capture page funnel.
  • She also wrote a new Welcome Email letter for AWeber.
  • Wrote an additional five new followup emails to send to new subscriber signups after they receive their initial welcome message.
  • Added Google Analytics and Adsense to her new site.

Much of what Erin had been doing with her new site was similar to the proven training in WA's Affiliate Bootcamp training. As a result, she went through Lessons 1 through 8 again, making sure she had not missed anything.

  • Erin went through Lesson 9, of the first phase in Affiliate Bootcamp. This lesson was about writing reviews. She watched the video again and wrote a new post on both Wealthy Affiliate and the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.
  • She also wrote her sixth blog post.
  • Erin continued through Phase two of the Affiliate Bootcamp training on Wealthy Affiliate. This phase included going through all ten lessons. 
  • She wrote another, her seventh, blog post.
  • Added new content to both her Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy reviews.
  • Created new side panel links to free training in Wealthy Affiliate. These included Wealthy Affiliate University, Build Your Website for Free, Start an Online Business for Free, Learn About Profitable Keywords, and Get the Free Keyword Tool - Jaaxy.
  • Publishing her Bibletoon books to on Amazon Kindle.
  • Writing a new Make Money Online (MMO) Guide along with a new landing page.
  • Writing two new product reviews for products, she found using Google Trends.
  • Setting up a new Business Facebook page.
  • Continuing previous step 12 tasks.
  • Creating and adding videos to her site. All of these are lengthy projects.
  • Continuing Step 12 and 13 tasks.
  • Creating new blog posts.
  • She created another product review.
  • Erin finally started inviting people to her new site from outside sources such as Moneyline and Social Media platforms.
  • Published two new reviews for a product and a service.
  • Erin added two new videos related to these two reviews.
  • Create a new website logo.
  • Created business pages for Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • She added her website photos to Pinterest. Erin also joined Tailwind to schedule the adding of Pins on Pinterest.
  • Complete a course on using ClickFunnels.
  • Watch three different Webinars for new options to implement on her site.
  • Joined eight various programs she could promote on her website and earn extra income.
  • Erin continued working on the new Facebook Business page.
  • Writing new inspirational posts, increasing the word count of her new site.
  • Spending more time promoting on Pinterest and scheduling pins with Tailwind.
  • Posting more on social media.
  • Joined a new social media platform called WebTalk.
  • Erin joined ClickBank, another affiliate product platform.
  • Signed up to promote five more products from ClickBank.
  • Erin wrote reviews for each of these products.
  • Added photos and scheduled them to post as pins on Pinterest using Tailwind.
  • Erin worked more on SEO and keyword research.
  • Added a Pinterest widget to her website sidebar, with a link to her Pinterest page.
  • Scheduled more pins using Tailwind, daily.
  • Created a new funnel at ClickFunnels.

Erin has set a goal for the next three months to write five new comparison reviews of 1,000 words each day. She will do this daily for five days each week.

  • She wrote about 25,000 words of new content per week. This volume follows her previous step goals, and Erin is mostly achieving this goal.
  • Finished her updated MMO guides and integrated it into her site.
  • Switched from using Aweber to GetResponse for her email campaigns.
  • Redesigned her site and changed her theme to GeneratePress.
  • Continuing in three different areas of activity: Writing new content, Working on the website SEO, and Designing new photos with the proper SEO.
  • Erin joined ten new affiliate marketing companies. 
  • Create her banner ads.
  • She continued to pin all images to Pinterest and sharing on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  • She joined the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp.
  • Started promoting GetResponse in a couple of new posts.
  • Wrote new Best Of posts reviewing Appl's best MacBooks, Dell's Laptops, Amazon Displays, and next would be tablets.
  • Spending more time promoting on Pinterest.
  • Signed up for WA Kyle's Super Affiliate Challenge 2019.
  • Created a new Shopify store, which she will use to promote and sell products using their drop-shipping method. 
  • Published some new posts geared more toward women entrepreneurs.
  • Promoting her new Shopify site on social media.
  • Keeping up with the WA Super Affiliate Challenge.

Step 25 is the final, one year mark of her case study project. While Erin's site is doing quite well, and she is living comfortably, she did not make her goal of $50,000 per month.

She is still involved with the WA Super Affiliate Challenge and will continue working on her site. She knows she will reach her goals at some point.

You can read about Erin's Pinterest success and her many other blog posts aAn increase of 5,000 viewers in one day!

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