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August 27, 2019

How to Get YouTube Subscribers

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Roope's Success Story

This online business success story is about Roope, who has been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2015. Roope is a super affiliate and now also knows how to get YouTube subscribers for even more traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas conference

Roope has already been to one of the Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas conferences. A member gets an invite to this prestige event if they have made 300 more Wealthy Affiliate program sales in a calendar year. Once they do this, then they are offered an all-expense-paid trip to Vegas and meet with the co-founders Kyle and Carson.

Roope has other successes like making $5,000 in one week. He has had 2,352 unique visitors to his site in one day. Rupe has also become a Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador. What this means is that he is active in their community.

But Roope's latest success is with YouTube, and accumulate 8,000 subscribers.

Why Is YouTube So Great?

Roope lays out some pros and cons of using YouTube marketing methods. There are at least three pros:

  1. 1
    There is a lot less competition on YouTube than Google. The lesser game is likely due to people not wanting to put in the extra work to create a video. It's easier to write your content.
  2. 2
    Videos are a more personal way of communicating with your audience. It's not only text on a web page.
  3. 3
    Your videos will rank both on YouTube and also the Google search engine. Some people find it easier to get people watching your videos, then to get them on your website.

The biggest con with YouTube is you depend on a platform, rather than using your site.

How to Get Started on YouTube

Roope offers three quick tips for getting started on YouTube:


Just start publishing. Try to create and post 100 videos. It's easy to do so, either use your smartphone to record with or free software like Screen-o-Matic.


Follow other channels in your niche. Start with about 5 to 10 channels and see which keywords are working well. Along with some keyword research, you can target those same keywords with your videos.

Roope experimented by creating a quick video using popular keywords. He then did another where he spent more time getting the quality of the video much better. But with this second one, the keywords were not as popular. Not surprisingly, the poor quality one with better keyword choices did better.


Promote your new videos. You can't be shy on YouTube. You need to let others know about it.

The goal of your videos should be to help your visitors. You want to be an influence for good, to either solve a problem they have or help improve their lives.

Roope does also follow up on the quality issue. While poor-quality videos with the right targeted keywords may draw a lot of viewers. Typically these same low-quality ones do not convert as well. 

People recognize sloppy work. If you study many successful YouTubers, they generally have good quality.

You also need to invest in a decent camera and excellent video editing software. Based on initial studies Roope has done, he is expecting exponential results from investing in quality.

Monetizing Your Videos

Smartphone with YouTube icon

Roope is still working at finding the balance between getting subscribers and monetizing. The YouTube ranking algorithms prefer keeping your viewers on the platform as subscribers.

Making money from videos usually requires sending viewers to your site. This approach is to let them learn more about your product or service and make a purchase.

So far, Roope has seen successful people using both approaches. He needs to find his balance.

You can read more about Roope and his experience on YouTube at 8,000 YouTube subscribers. On the way to 10k!

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