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March 16, 2019

How To Get Followers On YouTube

This post may contain affiliate links for products I recommend. If you click a link and buy something I may receive some compensation. This does not change the price you would pay.

This affiliate marketing success story is about Alejandra, who joined Wealthy Affiliate the first time back in 2014. It's been her dream for several years to succeed in becoming an online entrepreneur. She has just recently mastered how to get followers on YouTube.

When Alejandra originally joined Wealthy Affiliate, she became very frustrated. She was frustrated to the point of dropping her membership.

However, the story does not end. With Alejandra's husband's full support, she re-joined Wealthy Affiliate last year. This time around, she followed the training closely. 

Her most recent success is getting 1,000 followers on YouTube. These YouTube followers were one of her goals she set for herself last year. 

One of Alejandra's earlier posts this year explained the details behind her new success. Her mistakes included:

  • Poor quality blog post articles.
  • Articles were too general and not specific enough.
  • She wrote articles about all different areas of her niche without any strategy.
  • She didn't know who her client was.
  • She was hoping for some Internet "magic" to happen.
  • No good process for selecting keywords.
  • No metadata.
  • She was creating website content on what she liked to do without any regard for what her followers would want to learn on her website.

After re-joining Wealthy Affiliate and revisiting the training materials, she focused on created new blog posts with the following characteristics:

  • Define her clients and what their needs are in her niche.
  • Share some of her projects on her website.
  • Don't skip the keyword selection process. Do the work and find the rights ones to target.
  • Look at her competitors' websites to see what they provide. Do better than them and offer more value to her clients.
  • Write longer articles.
  • Use more than one method of sharing her website content.
  •  Listen to and help her clients.
Getting more YouTube followers

It's taken her about another year to do things right, but she is already starting to see the results. Her Google Analytics is showing increased visitors to her site, and her Pinterest shares are growing. Getting more YouTube followers is also a huge success.

Alejandra has some simple advise:

Don't quit, it might take some time to reach your goals, but you can make it.

Stick to the training and keep at it.

It will get better every day!

You can read Alejandra's complete affiliate marketing success story at I Made It! 1K Followers On YouTube.

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