April 24, 2019

His First $30,000 Month!

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Mike's Success Story

This online success story is about Mike, who has been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2017. Mike used to drive a forklift in a dusty old warehouse at $17/hr and now recently finished his first $30,000 month.

It's still hard for Mike to believe that his monthly now is almost as much as he used to make in an entire year.

Mike does know how to work. New members join thinking they can make this kind of money after completing the training. As Mike explains, there is no such thing as easy money.

Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't.” - Anonymous

Mike writes that it took him a great deal of work getting started. Even now, with his current success, he spends eight to ten hours a day on his business.

Many members think that their training is complete once they complete the Wealthy Affiliate training. For Mike, though, that was only the beginning of his learning. 

About $3,000 of that monthly total came from his blog itself. This income was the direct result of his keyword research, content writing, and blog posts.

The rest of his income comes from YouTube content and ads, Facebook ads, Adwords, and the most coming from his email funnel sequences.

Emails continue to be his number one source for income. Quite honestly, he doesn't understand why Wealthy Affiliate does not teach more on this.

Affiliate Marketing Leads to a Micro-SaaS

Reading through many of the Wealthy Affiliate success stories, you find that many of them branch from affiliate marketing to developing and promoting their products.

As you learn more about the online business world, you begin to see opportunities. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, an idea pops into your mind.

Cell Phone Repair Store

Mike owned a cell phone repair store and met a lot of people in that industry. So he decided to build a SaaS, or software as a service, for the cell phone repair industry.

His software solution allowed repair shops to have their customers sign an authorization form. It included pre and post checks of multiple functions on each device. Track how long employees are taking to do their repairs and create a to-do list for each employee.

The best part of his SaaS business is that it's taken only four months to scale from zero dollars to his current $2320 a month. It took him nearly two and a half years to get from zero to $3,000 per month with affiliate marketing.

Does Mike Still Recommend Wealthy Affiliate?

Mike wholeheartedly recommends starting with Wealthy Affiliate. He is still a member and posts regularly on the community blog.

As Mike explains in another post, you need to start your online business going in the right direction. He feels that Wealthy Affiliate gave him that fundamental training which allowed him to take it to higher levels.

Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, Mike signed up with a lot of different make money online opportunities. When he didn't see the results after a few weeks, he quit and looked for his next "shiny object." 

He sees this same thing happening with most new members at Wealthy Affiliate. People sign up thinking there is a short-cut to making money online. That short-cut does not exist!

Mike joined Wealthy Affiliate once before. He did the same thing, and quit after a few weeks.

He tried a lot of these "short-cut" opportunities, including Facebook group posts, craigslist posts, high-jacking YouTube and forum comments, etc.. None of them worked.

Mike wanted out of his current job, which he hated. So many other people are looking for the same, quick solutions. 

He found it by returning to Wealthy Affiliate, completing the training, and doing the work. Mike now has the privilege of working from home with his wife and kids all day.

He loves the way his life has changed!

You can read about Mike's online business success at My First $30,000 Month - Well Almost $29,330.68 To Be Exact.

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