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July 30, 2019

High Ticket Affiliate Commissions Are Great!

Jennifer's Success Story

This affiliate marketing success story is about Jennifer, who has been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2018. Her experience being a member is not very long, but Jennifer is already experiencing success with high ticket affiliate commissions.

Jennifer attributes her success with this to user-based training found inside the Wealthy Affiliate community. Tiffany's training video introduced her to the concept of high ticket commission products. Another training video from Grace explained how she best writes her product reviews. 

Bragging is not Jennifer's goal with this blog post. She wants to encourage those within the community who are not yet seeing success. 

Jennifer is also a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Challenge 2019. The "Challenge" is a voluntary, intense training process for members who want to become a super affiliate withing one year. The challenge is guided by Kyle, who is one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

What Is The Super Affiliate Challenge?

Super Affiliate Challenge

A better first question is What Is a Super Affiliate? Kyle defines it as making a full-time income online. Ideally, it would also include attending the annual super affiliate conference in Las Vegas. 

I feel that a super affiliate would be one who makes a six-figure online income. I've read others who feel the same. But some also think that a super affiliate title should be more exclusive, those who make between $300K - $400 online.

Whatever the definition of Super Affiliate, the bottom line is that you see the right amount of success.

Kyle does have five pre-qualifying factors members need to consider before asking to be included in the challenge:

  1. 1
    You need to be willing to WORK HARD. The people accepted for the challenge will need to be able to work hard with only a few directions. There is no such thing as easy money within only a few months. It will require a lot of time and effort.List Element
  2. 2
    You need to be able to DEDICATE A FULL YEAR of effort. Becoming a super affiliate does not happen in only a few months. It takes time to build a brand and to build up the momentum in your business. It also takes time for your website to grow and mature.
  3. 3
    You need to be able to take direction, but also be resourceful and creative.People who join the super affiliate challenge need to be able to think outside the box and be resourceful. This kind of thinking is not unlike starting any other small business. Instructions will be provided to get your business going. But how you implement the ideas given through the training can make all the difference in your success.
  4. 4
    You are going to be actively promoting WA.Wealthy Affiliate has its affiliate program by which members can earn money. It's a generous program with almost half the membership revenue being paid out to the affiliate. It's also recurring, meaning not just a one time commission. The commission pays out every month the member keeps their membership active.
  5. 5
    If interested (and you meet the criteria), do the following:The member needs to respond to Kyle's post and indicate out much time they are willing to put forth weekly.The super affiliate challenge was done last year also, and there were many success stories. Kyle fully expects that to happen again this year.

Course Benefits and Learning Outcomes

Fortunately, the challenge lessons and video training are available to all members. 

How you can benefit from this additional training includes:

  • How you Should Properly Design a Website.
  • How to Establish Your Brand Using a Logo.
  • How to Establish Your Content Design and Structure.
  • How to Analyze Your Target Audience and then Construct a Game Plan Vision.
  • How to Create High Quality and High Converting Reviews.
  • How to Make Use of the Customization Feature of the WA Affiliate program.
  • How to Leverage Lead Pages to Grow Your Business.
  • How to Implement a Long Term Instagram Strategy. 
  • How to Architect Your Website's Navigation Framework.
  • How do You Become an Expert?
  • How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme Design that Represents You.
  • How to Best Structure Your Website Content for Maximum Conversion Rates.
  • How do You Become a YouTube Sensation?
  • How to Make Use of Social Media in Your Business.
  • How to Scale Your Website Content and Business.
  • How to Take Advantage of the Massive Opportunity Available Through PPC.

That's a long list! You can already learn many of these benefits in different areas of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The Super Affiliate Challenge mainly puts a timeline on the activities you need to be accomplished to succeed. You're expected to do the work, including writing a large number of articles with a 1,000 plus word count.

Also, the Challenge members are expected to participate in the Wealthy Affiliate community. These activities include writing blog posts, helping other members, and being active in the chat for a certain period each day.


Does the Super Affiliate Challenge benefit Wealthy Affiliate? It most certainly does. They have all these members actively promoting WA and also participating in the community. The Wealthy Affiliate platform benefits in several different ways.

Does the Super Affiliate Challenge benefit members who take part? It most certainly does. Many members work best under pressure, with specific deadlines. 

Write Articles

Many new members probably also think that they need to write a dozen articles or so on their website and start to enjoy the money. They don't appreciate the fact that they need to do this every month, along with a long list of other activities.

My impression of this Challenge is that it's mostly a coaching program within the Wealthy Affiliate community. People will pay a lot of money for someone to tell them what to do and when. With the super affiliate challenge, it costs you nothing extra. Your membership includes it.

I think it's a great idea and I wish the best of success to Jennifer. Much of the challenge training material is carried over from last year. All of the training is extra from the core training included with your membership. 

Also, Kyle, one of the founders, is willing to personally adapt it as needed and roll it out again each month. To me, his involvement says a lot about his commitment to helping members to succeed. 

You can read about Jennifer's success with high ticket affiliate commissions, and also her progress with the Super Affiliate Challenge at  Guess What the Best High Ticket Sale is?

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