June 29, 2018

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Jessica's Success Story

This affiliate marketing success story is about Jessica, who has been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2016. Jessica has built two different niche websites and has stumbled on the way to make free money online.

Jessica receives a $70.50 check from Wealthy Affiliate every month.

While this is not considered successful for an affiliate marketer, Jessica does not have a work from home type niche website. Nor does she actively promote Wealthy Affiliate online.

This monthly residual income represents four different premium members who have signed up with Wealthy Affiliate. Jessica states in her blog post comments that 3 of these signups were her friends and family. 

The fourth she does know the origin. Possibly they signed up via one of her blog posts in the Wealthy Affiliate community. 

Jessica contributes quite frequently to the community. She currently has 568 posts. That's quite a few.

New premium members at Wealthy Affiliate typically stay anywhere from four to six months on average. In reality, to achieve residual income levels, your new signups need to be higher than those who discontinue.

In Jessica's scenario, none of her signups have stopped paying their membership. So she continues to enjoy the free, additional online income.

Jessica's Background

Alaskan Girl and Guy

Jessica is an Alaskan girl who is married to another Alaskan guy. They both grew up in remote parts of the state. They're both accustomed to living in the "bush" and having to do things themselves to survive. This independent living has prepared her for her work with affiliate marketing.

Jessica has a BA in Anthropology along with a minor in Environmental Studies. She is also close to finishing her graduate degree in Ocean and Coastal Studies.

She initially worked for the Department of Natural Resources for seven years. Jessica loved the job but yet longed to be independent and to be her boss.

Jessica's first niche site is with cat health and behavior. She reviews different cat products along with different supplements.

Her other site is about micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). She explores the causes and effects of deficiency and supplements to treat these. This niche has been her long-term goal to promote.

 Jessica has a large number of posts and pictures on her life in Alaska along with her successes on her two niche sites. 

You can read more about these and her free residual income at Isn't This Awesome!

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