Expanding Garden Hose Kit

Expanding Garden Hose Kit

I needed a light and easy method to watering our flowers in the back yard so I went looking for an expanding garden hose kit. These are amazing as they can expand up to 3 times in size when the water is turned on then shrink back to the smaller, original size when the water is turned off.

They work with standard faucet connections from your home. They are kink and twist free when moving around to reach different parts of your garden or patio. Once turned off they require very little storage space, perfect for use in an apartment, boat or while camping.

Buying one of these as a package allows you to get a spray nozzle and either a storage bag or a wall mount hanger that you can use for storing. Some of the options below include extra washers for the brass connectors and an On/Off valve at the end.

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