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January 1, 2019

Earning Money Working Online – A Six Figure Success Report

This post may contain affiliate links for products I recommend. If you click a link and buy something I may receive some compensation. This does not change the price you would pay.

Ralph's Success Story

This online business success story is about Ralph, who has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since 2016. Ralph is earning money working online and has officially made a six-figure income.

Like so many other successful Wealthy Affiliate members, Ralph does not write these blog posts to boast about his accomplishments. He does it only to help motivate those who are just starting and have doubts about whether affiliate marketing works.

Ralph has officially made $110,184.01 for the prior calendar year. His last month, December, surprisingly ended up being one of his better months. 

Ralph knew that he needed about $14K in the final month to make his six-figure goal. For the first 24 days of the month, he made just over $7K. This amount was pretty impressive, but not getting him to where he wanted to be.

However, the final week earned him a total of over $17K. These earnings were far more than he needed to hit his goal for the year.

His goal for next year is to hit $200K. Based on his revenue trends, he does not see any problem with making that goal either.

Remembering His Beginnings

Ralph started as a part-time kickboxer and personal instructor/trainer. Ralph also had accumulated $30K in credit card debt.

He still lived with his parents and had no car. He had also tried nearly every kind of money-making opportunity he could find. None of them had been successful.

The summary is that he found Wealthy Affiliate, became a member, and twenty-seven months later officially became a six-figure earner.

The exciting part of his turnaround story is that he had nearly maxed out his credit cards, and he made three final purchases:

  • The MLB The Show 17 baseball video game.
  • The Cashflow Board game.
  • He upgraded to the yearly membership at Wealthy Affiliate.
PS3 game was the secret of his success

While most people would be happy to find out that the PS3 game was the secret of his success, it was not. Ralph credits Wealthy Affiliate and the fact that he took full advantage of it. He's also not suggesting you max out your credit cards before joining, but that is the situation he had found himself.

How Long Did It Take For Ralph to Earn Money Online?

Ralph responds in detail to the question of how long does it take?

During Ralph's first year he earned nothing. 

Part of the reasoning for that is he joined in September of that year, so not much time elapsed. 

This experience was Ralph's very first time with Affiliate Marketing. He had never done it and wanted to learn as much as he could. He also did not like writing, so he had to push himself to create content for his new website.

Ralph's second year found him earning a whopping $330.

It was three months into the year when he made his first sale. It was only $4.50, but for most new members it was one of the best times of their journey. It proved that he was doing something real and could make money from it.

It was also during that second year that Ralph Ralph found an affiliate program which fit well with his niche. He also credits the program as being a large part of his success.

Ralph's Third Year Exploded!

Fireworks Explosion

Ralph's third year ended up being his six-figure income year. But it did not start that way. Instead, it was a slow progression.

The first four months of the year found him making just under 1000 dollars. This level of income is not exactly something to get excited over.

But in May, his traffic exploded, and along with the new visitors to his site, his sales increased. Thanks to the higher volume, his monthly earnings were just under $1500. This one month was more than his first four months combined.

Ralph had high hopes for June, and he was not disappointed. His revenue was nearly $8,000 for this month. 

Why the Sudden Increase in Traffic?

Is this rapid increase a standard experience? Well, not necessarily. Ralph had followed the Wealthy Affiliate training and built his website as instructed. This preparation put him in a position to get lucky. Had he not done the work, to begin with, none of this would have happened.

What happened is that Ralph had written an article earlier in the year that was still on the second page of Google search results. Nobody gets a ton of traffic from the second page of a search engine.

Ralph decided to write another article for this same merchant. While doing the research, he visited their site and found they had featured his earlier article on their website blog. Since the merchant had a higher authority, the keywords he was targetting ranked at the top of Google. 

Visitors were finding his article at the merchant's blog site and then ending up at Ralph's side for the purchase. Is this dumb luck? Maybe. Or maybe it was just Ralph prepared for success!

Ralph was able to have the merchant feature another one of his articles on their blog site. The additional traffic from it helped his income take off to new heights.

A Very Humbling Earnings Experience

July continued Ralph's upward earnings trend in a big way. It was a very successful month, with well over $16K in revenue. Ralph was expecting $24K in earnings for August, but then something very unexpected happened.

The merchant he was promoting shut down with the affiliate marketing network Ralph was using. In essence, they went offline, and the links Ralph had on his site no longer worked, which means that you do not get credit for any of the sales you send to the merchant.

Ralph contacted the merchant and learned from the director that they were going to be working with a different affiliate network. This process of changing, though left Ralph without any sales commissions for ten days. Later in the month, things were mostly back to normal, although his daily revenue had decreased slightly.

Don't Depend On Only One Source of Income

The whole experience brought Ralph's focus back to where it should be. He had slacked off a bit because of his significant success with this one merchant.

This humbling experience made him realize he needed multiple streams of income. Ralph is back to work on another site which he expects to add to his success.

Ralph's Future Plans

Ralphs success has allowed him to finally move out of his parent's home, rent an apartment, and start paying off his credit cards. He has no intention of letting complacency get the best of him again.

His goals for the next year include:

  • Hitting $200K of sales.
  • Get involved with creating and publishing videos.
  • Learn more about social media and making use of it.
  • Start promoting the WA affiliate program and earn a free trip to Las Vegas.

Final Thoughts

Ralph considers himself no different than anyone else starting with Wealthy Affiliate. He had a negative net worth when he began his new business journey. 

Ralph's final advice: If he can do it, so can you!

You can read more details about Ralph's success story at Officially a Six-Figure Business - 2018 Year-End Report.

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