Earn Extra Income from Home

β€œThe secret to wealth is simple: Find a way to do more for others than anyone else does. Become more valuable. Do more. Give more. Be more. Serve more.”

Why Make a Side Income?

It takes real work to make an extra income from home. It takes time. Don't fall into the trap of thinking it's easy simply by creating a website or a blog. Don't also fall into the trap of thinking it's impossible! Just be reasonable of your expectations and do the work!

Pay Off Debts

Use the extra income to pay off specific debts. Everyone Wants to be debt-free but sometimes it just takes some extra work.

Control Your Finances

A lot of things in this world are out of our control, including employment, pensions, social security, etc.. Create a form of income that you control!

Multiple Streams & Passive Income

Having different sources of income gives you a financial backup when life takes a sudden turn. Building a business asset allows you to earn money while you sleep.

Online Tools & Services

An online business is the easiest way for most people building to get started earning extra income. However, this requires online tools and resources. There are many free options, but long-term growth will require spending on these tools at some point. 

The products and tools reviewed below are only those being used by this site.

Smart Home Systems

Niche Ideas

You could spend years researching niches and what makes one profitable. For me, it was simple: Find something I enjoy doing and want to learn more about.

Too many web sites write reviews about products they never use. While I've also done that myself, I realized that this method would not result in the best experience for visitors. It's also not a long-term method of building a business.

Your best chance of success is to make something or help people make something. 

This site has focused on two narrow but related niches for the home: Smart Home Systems and the Glowforge Laser.

Glowforge 3D Laser

There Are Many Ways to Make Money Online

I've listed the methods and tools I'm using for online marketing in this section of my website. The truth is, though, that there are many ways to make money online. 

The hardest part is learning how actually to do online marketing. If you have never done it before, then perhaps you think that all is needed would be a website and a few pages of content with ads. 

This approach may have been accurate at one time in the history of the internet, but today's environment is far more competitive, It's not simple, and it's not easy. Yet so many people think that because today, it's technologically simple to create a website, that the income comes easily as well.

My personal experience was that there had to be a big, red easy button, got success. I have a technical background as a software developer. Since the internet is mostly software, I figured there had to be a simple, software-based solution to making easy money.

I tried many different software products, some on the expensive side, but none delivered that easy money. 

I even tried developing a couple of different software products on my own. However, that is not as easy as you might think, even if you do know how to program. Assuming you develop a product people want and are willing to pay for, then there are the support issues that can consume all of your time.

The Two Keys to Online Success!

I believe two principals or keys are required to make an online business successful. The tools and teaching methods may change, but not these.

You have to do the work

Sounds simple?

With most sites, this means creating content for your website. You create this content to attract visitors, which in turn will buy the products you are promoting, or click on one of your display ads if you have them on your site.

If you're selling a course, then you need to create a course that people will be interested in.

Many successful online marketers will tell you that starting an online business is easy. Many of them tell you this because they want you to buy their course or sign up for their membership site. Many people still fail, though once they realized the amount of effort success requires.

Another interesting fact is that many stories of success also include stories of initial failures, but they persisted until they succeeded. Doing the work and being persistent go hand in hand.

You have to create quality content that people are interested in reading

It's not enough to post words on a website. If you're writing product reviews, people need to trust you, or else they'll lose interest. If you're writing how-to articles, then be specific and helpful.

After spending much time doing online research with various topics I've come to the conclusion that there is not a great deal of quality content on the internet. I find myself searching discussion forums just to get some real opinions of different products. 

My goal with this site is to improve the quality of online content.

Online Success is More than just Quality Content

As you become successful, you need to grow your business. Many different software applications and online services can help you do this.

Some of these tools are from people I've watched become successful over the years. One person is Shane Melaugh, with Thrive Themes. I purchased his first product called Backlink Battle Plan many years ago. He was just a young guy with lots of determination.

I continued to stay on his mailing lists over the years. I like his approach to online businesses. When he and his partner started Thrive Themes, I was the first to sign up. I didn't even know what I was going to use it for at the time, but I use it today, and it works great! Glad I signed up at the lower price back then.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Terry Kyle, with WPX Hosting, is another person whose goal is to provide the fastest WordPress hosting, with first-class support. I've been with them longer than I've been with Wealthy Affiliate, and have decided to keep my sites hosted there just because they are that good, and affordable!

WPX WordPress Hosting

Tailwind is another service for Pinterest that I'm just getting started using. I like Pinterest and the whole concept of a visual search engine. So far, I like what Tailwind offers for promotion on Pinterest and have been very impressed with their training.

The bottom line, there is nothing wrong with tools if they simplify your work and help you to automate specific tasks of running an online business. The tools and companies that provide a quality experience, my second key to success, will be around for a long time.

Tailwind Start Free

The tools I review are ones that I use. Many of them offer generous affiliate programs. As a result, I see no reason NOT to promote them. Hopefully, they help you also on your journey toward success!