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July 19, 2019

Thrive Themes Review: The Best Theme For WordPress


I've been a paying customer of Thrive Themes since October 2015. I've been impressed with their laser focus on the many customer conversion features built into their products. Included with this is their excellent training on how to succeed in the online business space using their tools. For me, their combination of tools and online entrepreneur skills development are why I offer a positive Thrive Themes review.

As I finished writing the words of this review, being a Thrive Themes member, I received an email from Shane Melaugh with a link to a Google Survey. It was short, brief, and to the point. He was asking my opinion on what Thrive Themes could do next to help my business. Thrive Themes is not only obsessed with conversions, but they're focused on its customers.

Overall rating :  4.8 / 5


  • The membership includes all of their themes and plugin tools.
  • Thrive Architect produces beautiful, professional looking blog posts.
  • Plugin performance is excellent. What you would expect from a "conversion-focused" company.
  • Many different resources on using the tools and succeeding with an online business. Some of these are "members only," many are available free to the public.
  • Good support. I've only used it a few times and received a solution within 24 hours.


  • Their software releases are frequent, and unfortunately, the side effect of that is with documentation getting stale. They do a pretty good job of updating blog articles with new technology changes. However, the tutorials may not be one hundred percent accurate all the time.
  • The support forum is difficult to use. While the support provided is beneficial and responsive, it's challenging to search a particular product forum to find previously reported issues of the same kind. The search results include a lot of duplicate results.
Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes - Get Results from Your Online Business Today!

  • 276 Landing Page Templates
  • 89,080 Happy Customers
  • 16 Conversion Focused Products

Who is Shane Melaugh?

I've followed Shane since his days with Backlink Battleplan and SwissMadeMarketing, creators of SECockpit, with Sam Hänni. Together, they took the product from zero to the 7-figure revenue mark in 15 months.

About that same time, Shane also formed a partnership with Paul McCarthy. Together, they developed WordPress standalone plugins while Shane also developed online courses. 

The partnership with Paul grew into what we know today as Thrive Themes. Thrive Themes is a collection of WordPress themes, plugins, and a whole lot of information and courses on how to grow a sustainable online business.

“In the online marketing space, everybody loves the quick win. The shortcut. The "growth hack." The truth is, chasing those shortcuts is a well-trodden path to failure. Here, we focus on building real entrepreneurial skills.”

Shane Melaugh

As a college dropout, Shane considered himself as the least likely to succeed person. He didn't start as an entrepreneur but worked hard to get there. He made many mistakes along the way, but he always learned from his mistakes.

Shane doesn't try to forget his entrepreneur learning process. Instead, he embraces it and uses it as an example that anyone can develop the needed skills and succeed as well. 

Shane has documented his learning experiences in what he calls his ActiveGrowth Manifesto. The three principals of which in summary, are:

  • The Craft: Creating great products that people want to buy from you.
  • The Brains: Developing the skills and mindset that make you a highly effective entrepreneur.
  • The Tech: Using the right tools to build and grow your platform.

These principals form the goals of Thrive Themes:

"Create a company that creates successful people."

"For me, creating an online business isn't primarily about money. It's about freedom. You can easily become a slave to chasing the ever-larger paychecks. What's the point in escaping the corporate rat race, only to join the startup rat race?"

Shane Melaugh

What is Thrive Themes?

Armed with an understanding of the principals behind Thrive Themes, our Thrive Themes review now turn toward what they offer. 

Thrive Themes is teaching you how to build an online business. They are conversion-focused, meaning tools with a focus on turning prospects into customers. They have a great deal of information on using their tools toward this end goal.

The Thrive Themes blog is much more than a new product release update. They provide practical and detailed steps on how to succeed online.

"You can't be lazy and scatterbrained and build a company that's highly effective and focused."

Shane Melaugh

Professional and Personal Development: The Craft and the Brains

Thrive Themes publishes business and marketing blog posts that fall into one of the following categories. What follows are only the latest five posts in each category, to give you an example or idea of the kind of information provided.

Build Your List

This category of articles deals with using Thrive Themes to build your mailing list. As the old saying goes, "The Money is in the list." Many successful online businesses consider building a mailing list to be one of the essential tasks to succeed. 

A mailing list contains the emails of visitors to your website. These people have expressed some interest in your product by opting into your email list. As a result, you started them into your sales funnel, and the goal is to convert them into a customer.

Round Image Opt-in Form Template Set

This article is the first in a week-long series of new opt-in form templates that you can use with Thrive Leads.

The article describes the elemental options included with Thrive Leads but then describes a new feature: A round image that pops out of the template.

Most opt-in forms you see on the internet are a simple boring box.

This new round image opt-in form will surprise your visitors, enough so to get their attention and read your opt-in offer and sign up.

The rest of the article goes through how you can customize this template to fit your own business needs. The model provides you a starting point rather than starting from scratch. Shown are customized examples for a plumber business and a yoga flow product.

You can read the whole article at Upgrade Opt-in Week: Round Image Opt-in Form Template Set.

Thrive Themes Review: Round Image Opt-in Form Template Set

The rest of the seven days series of new opt-in form templates includes:

  • Day 1 - Round images (this article) - Surprise your visitors with an original, out-of-the-box design.
  • Day 2 - Corporate: If you're looking for a slick, modern design, this set is what you need.
  • Day 3 - Personal Brand: These two sets of opt-in forms are perfect for a personal brand or professional service website.
  • Day 4 - Eccentric Lines: This is the most original design you've ever seen on an opt-in form. If you want to impress your visitors with edgy opt-in forms, this is the design to pick.
  • Day 5 - Overlay Patterns: This design is bold, dynamic, and perfect for a fitness brand.
  • Day 6 - Typography: Fonts are stealing the show here. These two sets use original fonts to grab the attention and work correctly for coupon opt-in bribes.
  • Day 7 - Vertical Split: Nature-inspired design to use on travel or outdoors website.
New Opt-in Form Templates in Thrive Leads – Fading Images

This article goes through a new opt-in form template called Fading Image, which Thrive Leads includes.

The opt-in form templates included with Thrive Themes have a design for every one of the opt-in form types available. The many different form types included are:

  • Lightbox
  • Ribbon
  • Scroll Mat
  • In Content
  • Post Footer
  • Screen Filler
  • Slide-In
  • Widget

Everything in these opt-in form templates is customizable with Thrive Leads. There is no need to learn Photoshop or any other editing tools. You can change the image, colors, and everything else to fit your own business needs.

You can read more at New Opt-in Form Templates in Thrive Leads – Fading Images.

Thrive Themes Review: New Opt-in Form Templates in Thrive Leads – Fading Images
Create a Lead Generation Funnel

Have you ever wondered what a lead generation funnel is? This article includes an in-depth break down of quiz funnels (including visual diagrams). The Quiz building software they use is Thrive Quiz Builder. But you could follow the article using any quiz building software.

The article further helps you decide the funnel structure you should create, based on your products, audience, and sales process.

The article includes a considerable amount of detail, including how to drive traffic to the quiz using ribbons or lightboxes and external sources such as Facebook ads.

It goes through the basics of a Splash Page, including the pros and cons of using one and then the actual building of the quiz itself.

More information can be found at How To Create Lead Generation & Sales Funnels Using an Online Quiz.

How To Use Lead Segmentation

What is Lead Segmentation, and how do you use it? This article goes into explaining this and why it results in better results with your email lists. It's the logical next step a growing business should take once their email subscriber list starts growing.

The article uses Thrive Leads, and a principle call the Mirror Method.

The Mirror Method is merely finding a different website is already doing an excellent job of marketing their product and are making a decent amount of money. Then you analyze every step of their funnel.

The case study used for the mirror method in this article follows a functional medicine practitioner located in Berkley, California. He blogs about how to treat chronic illness and addressing the root causes of many significant health issues.

You can read the rest of this lead segmentation case study at Mirror Method Case Study: How One Health Website Segments Its Leads To Boost Engagement.

Thrive Themes Review: Mirror Method Case Study How One Health Website Segments Its Leads To Boost Engagement
Mailchimp Tags in Thrive Themes

Most anyone involved with online marketing has probably already heard of Mailchimp. They are a popular mailing list platform.

Mailchimp has recently added a powerful new feature to its API allowing you the ability to assign tags to your leads. Answer based tags are mostly a form of segmenting your leads.

This article goes through the steps of connecting your Thrive Themes Lead Generation form with Mailchimp using their API. This connection process works the same whether you're using Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, or Thrive Quiz Builder.

The article then walks you through creating a quiz using Thrive Quiz Builder. You then assign the unique answers collected to the Mailchimp mailing lead tag, using their API integration.

Read the whole article and tutorial at Mailchimp Integration Upgrade: Add Answer Based Tags to Your Questions in Thrive Quiz Builder.

Thrive Themes Review: Mailchimp Integration Upgrade Add Answer Based Tags to Your Questions in Thrive Quiz Builder

Case Studies

Case Studies are articles that are at a higher level than the usage of specific tools. They deal more with the business process flows of successful online marketers. They are breaking down what they did to succeed.

Some of these case studies look at the success of well-known online marketers, while other cases look at people who started with nothing. Both can provide useful techniques with growing your own online business.

How To Get Results From Tiny Email Lists

This post is a guest post from Robert Allen, who is a direct response copywriter and email expert. He has worked with some of the most prominent online marketers such as Ramith Sethi, Dr. Axe, Agora Financial, and many more.

The article describes a cutting edge strategy. It was used by well-known marketing experts Andre Chaperon, Todd Brown and Rocky Ullah. With it, they turned a tiny mailing list of fewer than 1,000 people into 6 and 7-figure sales.

The article dissects the details of why a bigger mailing list isn't always better. It highlights the importance of not building the most massive email list but more simply building your email list with the right people.

Having the right prospects makes all the difference when pitching your products.

This article is an excellent read at Case Study: How André Chaperon, Todd Brown and Rocky Ullah Turn Tiny Lists of Less Than 1,000 Subscribers Into $100,000+ In Sales

Thrive Themes Review: Case Study How André Chaperon Todd Brown and Rocky Ullah Turn Tiny Lists of Less Than 1000 Subscribers Into 100000 In Sales
How To Bootstrap a Mid-Six-Figure Business using Thrive Architect

This article follows the steps a solopreneur took to build a mid-six-figure business using Thrive Architect [link] in just a few short years.

He started with an accessible platform based website builder (Weebly in his case) and ran into limitations with creating the e-courses he wanted to offer. These limitations are a common problem with using these mass-market platform solution when setting up a website. They only take you so far.

Someone recommended that he switch to using WordPress and Thrive Themes. He did this, and his website started taking shape quickly.

His course teaches the Mimic Method system of learning a foreign language fast, with an accent even.

Read this interesting case study at How Thrive Architect Landing Page Templates Helped Idahosa Build a 6-Figure Ecourse Business

The Mimic Method
How Thrive Themes Helped Startup a Micro-Budget Film School

This article is another solopreneur case study. Only this time it looks at an Australian actor and his business startup.

Brad found an opportunity in the filmmakers market. Aspiring filmmakers need the experience of being in a feature-length film before they ever get noticed in their field.

It's the same double-edged sword in so many other careers. To get the job, you need "experience." But to get the "experience," you need a job. Sound familiar?

This case study deals with using the Thrive Themes toolset to create an online school about micro-budget filmmaking.

A side lesson learned about niche marketing in this case study, is you need to stop waiting to be an "expert" in your niche. You only need to know more than your potential clients. You keep learning and become an expert, but you don't need to be one right away..." 

Many more lessons learned in this article.

Follow Brad's new online business journey at From Newbie to Pro: Brad Takes a Business Idea and Makes It a Reality.

Micro Budget Film School
How To Turn Your Debt Into An Online Business

Does a lack of web experience stop you from developing an online business?

If you or someone you know falls into this category, then this case study is for you. It doesn't take a team of professional designers or years of writing copywriting experience to make money online.

Most people who want to succeed learn by doing.

This scenario is the case study of one such Chicago mom. She and her husband realized they were in a large amount of debt. This debt came from a combination of student loans, a car loan, and multiple credit cards.

Sound familiar?

Aja followed Dave Ramsey's methods of cutting their living expenses down to the bare minimum. She eventually came to the realization she needed to find ways to increase her monthly income. Increasing her income led to some side jobs. Finally, she began blogging about their experiences.

People wanted to know how they escaped their mountain of debt. If this sounds like an eager market, it was.

Follow this case study and see how Aja used Thrive Themes from using Facebook ads, lead generation funnels, and an E-Couse Education.

Read more at How One Chicago Mom Turned Her $120K Debt into an Online Business Using Thrive Architect.

Principles of Increase
Getting a Logo Design For Your Website

Every website owner needs a logo. In this case, it's a common problem with a simple solution. A solution provided by Thrive Architect. No need to use Photoshop or any other image editing tools.

The case study begins by analyzing Personal-Branding sites like Backlink (Brian Dean), Neil Patel, and I Will Teach You To Be Rich (Ramit Sethi). 

The case study goes on to compare these with three massive, multi-billion-dollar companies that have been around since the mid to late 20th century.

Analyzing these different kinds of companies is done to find similar observations. The Billion Dollar Companies include Walmart, Sony, and Microsoft.

The analysis involves comparing the companies' current logos with older versions from when they just started and didn't have the financial resources that they have today. To find the old logos, they used the Wayback Machine.

The results of their analysis will surprise you. Also, you'll learn how the definition of the 'The Bike Shed Effect,' or the 'Law of Triviality' plays a part in your logo design.

It's a great case study on what matters when choosing a website logo and how to create one using Thrive Architect.

Enjoy the article at From Zero To Logo: Getting a Logo Design for Your Website. Fast.

Google Fonts

Improve Your Sales Pages

Websites need sales pages. It's another common problem. Thrive Themes recognizes this as an issue amongst many different types of online businesses.

The following recent five articles give real solutions to improving your sales pages.

Online Course Sales Page Templates

The simplest solution to creating sales pages is to provide templates. You can then change these templates as needed to fit with your unique business requirements.

The template designs discussed in this article are for selling online courses. Thrive themes have already researched the best sales page structure. You need to provide your text and images.

The article also provides links to their research articles to answer the following three questions:

  • What do you need to include on your sales page?
  • In what order you should place these items on your sales page?
  • What can you do to increase your sales?

The article then goes into detail on how you can use the provided templates.

Read about creating online course sales pages at New Online Course Sales Page Template Available in Thrive Architect.

Creating Sales Pages for Low-Priced Online Courses

Not all online course sales pages are the same. Lower priced courses do have a shorter sales page.

This article provides help with creating sales pages for online courses in the low-to-mid priced range of between $19 and $250.

There is a difference in sales pages for high priced ticket items and lower priced online courses. Determining the differences is done by analyzing six different existing websites.

Comparing the results is done by putting the analysis in a table. The table clearly shows the differences between each of the six sites.

The structure of the entire, perfect sales page is then determined and illustrated. A new Thrive Architect template is introduced, which you can use to get started building it.

More details at The Perfect Low Priced Online Course Sales Page.

Integrating Your Sales Funnel With ThriveCart

You can have the most fabulous sales funnel in the world. You can have the best-written sales page, written by the best copywriter. But if the checkout process is not seamless, you can lose customers and never even know this.

This article digs into the checkout experience your website provides the detailed configuration steps needed to get all the pieces to work right.

Please Note: Thrive Cart is NOT a Thrive Themes plugin product, despite the similar names.

Thrive Themes provides this tutorial as one option for integrating a Checkout Management tool with Thrive Architect to create a streamlined checkout process.

You can read the entire article at How to Create a Seamless Checkout Experience with Thrive Architect and Thrive Cart.

The Fool-Proof Copywriting Formula

Tremendously few website owners enjoy copywriting sales pages. You can't just write something down and hope it will sell.

Will listing all your product features entice someone to buy your product? Probably not.

This article goes into a trick so simple, but yet it works.

Learn what the formula PAS means. It stands for:

  • P: Problem
  • A: Agitation
  • S: Solution

Read the article for more depth on this simple solution at The Fool-Proof Copywriting Technique You Can Start Using Today.

How to Build Pricing Tables That Look Great

Another problem many website owners face is how to create a pricing table. This article shows how you can use the fully customizable pricing table element provided with Thrive Architect instead.

Before it gets to the pricing element itself though, the article explains theories behind pricing your product.

These theories include why you should offer three variations of your Product. Related to this is the psychological phenomenon called anchoring, and why you should "Anchor Your Prices."

Explaining the steps needed to present your offers comes next. Followed by an explanation of why different packages should be offered, along with their included features and benefits.

The final discussion illustrates how you can use Thrive Architect's different features to make your pricing tables stand out from the rest.

Read more at How To Build Pricing Tables that Look Great and Win You More Customers

Increase Your Conversions

You've been building your email lists, have a business plan, and now also have a sales page. Your next step is converting your prospects into customers.

The five articles below provide help with using the Thrive Theme tools to increase your conversions.

How Many Ways Can You Use Online Courses To Grow Your Business?

You can use online courses in many different ways to build your business.

  1. 1
    Free Online Course Lead Magnet - Collect email addresses in return for a free class.
  2. 2
    Paid Online Course Info-Products - Solve a prospect's problem with an online course. Solve a big enough problem they will pay you for it.
  3. 3
    Affiliate Marketing Bonus Courses - Are you selling a big-ticket item? If so, you may need to offer bonuses for your customers to buy from you. The online course works great for this.
  4. 4
    Train Your VA's, Freelancers, and Employees Faster - Seems like a simple idea but it works.
  5. 5
    Online Courses for Client and Customer Onboarding - Another simple but super effective use of online courses.
WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

Similar to the earlier article about Pricing tables, this one gets more into the technical details of what you can do using Thrive Architect. There is not all the pricing theory included in this article.

The article explains how every aspect of the pricing tables can be edited using the WYSIWYG front-end editor included with Thrive Architect.

Pricing is an integral part of increasing conversions.

Read more at Looking for a WordPress Pricing Table Plugin? Use This Instead!

How to create Ultimate guides that convert like crazy

This article explains Ultimate guides and how to use them to increase your conversions.

These large content documents help your visitors to trust you more. These are the opposite of a small, quickly written free report offered but offers nothing.

Open PDF is discussed and offered as a solution for an ultimate guide. Six different Open PDF's are studied and compared. These are from existing successful websites.

Get all the details at How to Create Ultimate Guides that Convert Like Crazy.

How To Sell Your Products On Autopilot Like Ramit Sethi

This post is another case study from Thrive Themes which analyzes how current websites do things right. Ramit Sethi is one such individual. Not only does he do it right, but it is highly automated.

His big secret? He uses Automated Evergreen Scarcity.

The first step is defining what an Evergreen Scarcity Funnel is. What are the pros and cons? Then finally what exactly it can do for your business.

The article breaks down this Evergreen Machine into six different cogs.

It's a good read and is sure to offer a solution to improve your online business.

Find the whole article at Learn From The Master- Part 2: How To Sell Your Products On Autopilot Like Ramit Sethi.

How to Get an Easy Conversion Win with Your Facebook Ads

IF your business requires you to buy Facebook ads, then this article is for you.

If you've ever paid for any online advertising on a budget then you probably already know that you need to test, test, and retest.

This article goes through the steps needed to set up Facebook advertising to your site and also properly test the results.

Thrive Optimize is used to perform A/B testing to confirm changes to your landing pages produce the desired results.

You can find all the details at How to Get an Easy Conversion Win with Your Facebook Ads.

How to Get Clients Now

Getting new clients for your business can be a daunting task. You want to get clients now.

Landing Page Templates

Landing pages make beautiful but straightforward website home pages. This category gives examples and provides templates you can use to create the perfect small business website or DIY business.

Many small businesses need only a small website, providing the necessary information. This information can include:

  • Business locations,
  • Contact information, and
  • Primary products and services offered.

These landing page templates make it easy for any local, small business to start up their very own WordPress website.

New Templates in Thrive Architect: Create an Awesome OnePage Website

Small, local businesses are not all interested in creating a massive website using many different posts and pages. They need an online brochure, giving prospects necessary information about their company.

One page websites work great for this. You can start using the templates with the following kinds of businesses:

  • Language Course
  • Music Teacher
  • Cooking Classes
  • Car Wash
  • Phone Repair
  • Electrician
  • Pub
  • Medical
  • Restaurant
  • Homes
  • Finance
  • Construction
  • Auto
  • Beauty
  • Health Food Shop
  • Beauty Salon
  • Jewelry Shop

To learn how to use these for you small business read the article at New Templates in Thrive Architect: Create an Awesome One-Page-Website.

Homepages for Coaches

This article goes into more detail on creating one-page websites teachers and coaches can use. Supplied homepage templates with more information included on how to access them and customize them using Thrive Architect.

Details are at New Homepage Templates for Teachers and Coaches .

The Perfect Homepage Template for a Restaurant

Restaurant websites can be a little different creating, depending on if you want to offer the option to make a reservation online via their website.

This article has the additional details needed to integrate with a couple of different WordPress plugins, WP Booking System or Booking Calendar, to create a Reservation Form. It makes use of the Contact Form element in Thrive Architect.

You can read all the details at The Best Website Template for a Restaurant Business.

Why Flat Design Rules

What is Flat Design? It's best understood by what it is NOT: The design tries to be realistic.

Flat design is minimalistic and straightforward. The primary benefit of using it is that it's fast. It's also easier to and quicker to modify.

See all the details at Fast to Load, Fast to Edit – Meet Our New “Flat 2.0” Landing Page Templates.

Building a Fitness Homepage from Scratch

IF you would prefer to build a homepage from scratch, then this is your article.

Shane walks you through the process using a video presentation.

He also steps through how to make it mobile-friendly. Responsive editing is one of the key features built in to Thrive Architect .

An explanation of nested content boxes and why you need to use them gives you a better understanding of them.

A new homepage template along with several other pages, e.g., confirmation page, etc., you can use to build a lead generation funnel.

Details are at How to Build a Fitness Landing Page from Scratch (+ New Templates!)

Why We're The Best

Finally, but certainly not the least category in our Thrive Themes review, is the category they use to introduce changes and new functionality added to their WordPress plugins.

This category does also include information on how you can use their tools. This kind of information is essential if your desired result is to improve your online business.

Meet the Mega Menu

Thrive Architect now can create navigation menus. This latest release includes Mega Menus or menus with menus.

When creating the new Navigation Menu from within Thrive Architect, you have the choice to use either a custom menu or a WordPress menu. Two different menu sources.

You also have a choice of a bunch of different templates to use. The Thrive Themes design team created these beautiful designs.

You can see and read it all at WordPress Mega Menu: Meet the Latest Thrive Architect Feature.

New Thrive Architect User Interface: Speed & Usability

This article has a summary of the latest changes to the Thrive Architect UI. Both speed and usability issues were made based on months of user feedback.

Shane reviews the changes via a video presentation.

You can read more and see the video at New Thrive Architect User Interface: Speed & Usability.

Check Out These New Thrive Architect Layout & Position Features

A Thrive Architect editor feature was added to allow entering a minimum and maximum width and height for an element. This feature will force a shape not to shrink or blow up past your set values.

You can also specify different units for the width and height settings. You can use either Pixel (PX), Percentages (%), VW, or VH (a value of 1 VW/VH is equal to 1% of the viewport width/height).

You can read all the details at  Yo Design Geeks! Check Out These New Thrive Architect Layout & Position Features.

Spice Up Your Webdesign with These Fancy Dividers

A new feature called a Fancy Divider had been added to Thrive Architect. You can make use of this eye-catching feature with both the Background Section and Content Box elements.

Just be careful not to use too much of a good thing. The key is to be subtle.

You can check it out at Spice Up Your Webdesign with These Fancy Dividers.

New Headers & Footers Feature in Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect now can create global headers and footers for all your landing pages. The Thrive Themes design team has also included ready-made templates for you to select.

This release is the first for this feature. So you can expect more changes to come soon.

You can read about it at New Headers & Footers Feature in Thrive Architect.

Thrive University

Our Thrive Themes review would not be complete without discussing the many training course they offer. Thrive University are online courses built using there very own Thrive Apprentice WordPress plugin.

Many of the courses are free and open to the public. Some of them are exclusive to Thrive Theme members only.

Courses can include many lessons and can be in the form of videos, pages for reading, or recorded webinars.

Courses fall into one of the following categories:

  • Grow Your List
  • Create Landing Pages
  • Write Better Copy
  • Create A Funnel
  • Increase Conversions
  • Build A Website
  • Thrive Theme Hacks
  • Premium Courses

Premium courses cost additional money for even Thrive Theme members, although at a discount from retail.

The one premium course released so far was worth every extra penny, in my opinion. Its entitled Course Craft - Discover the exact, proven system to create, launch and sell high-quality, high-value online courses.

Free courses typically contain on average between 2 - 6 lessons in each class. The premium Course Craft includes 53 lessons. Shane over-delivered a large amount with all the details he provided in this course.

Example courses you can take for free include the following.

The RAPID Landing Page Building Course

In this course, you'll learn step by step how to put together highly effective landing pages and not only how to do it well but how to do it rapidly.

Course Structure:

  1. 1
    How the Rapid System Works
  2. 2
    Building an Opt-in Page (Live)
  3. 3
    Build a Sales Page, the RAPID Way
  4. 4
    Use Testing to Improve Your Conversions
  5. 5
    The 4 Practical Steps to Rapid Optimization

Web Design Crash Course

This online class is a "How to" course on creating a beautiful web design - for non-designers.

Course Structure:

  1. 1
    Web Design Crash Course
  2. 2
    Web Design Q&A Session (Replay of the questions and answers session, from the live webinar)
  3. 3
    Bonus: Example Websites

Take it for free at The Web Design Crash Course.

The About Page Formula

Create a conversion-focused "About" page that makes your brand shine by following a system.

If you follow the steps, you'll create an "About" page that isn't a gap filler on your website but serves a business purpose.

Course Structure:

  1. 1
    Why Your About Page Matters
  2. 2
    Structure of an Optimized About Page
  3. 3
    About Page Q&A

Take it for free at The About Page Formula.

How to Build an Information Product Empire You Own

This online class provides you details on building a tool stack to use for your premium online course.

The solution is affordable, straightforward to set up, and powerful. It lets you create amazing lessons for paying customers.

If this is one of your business requirements, then this course is what you need.

It will show you exactly why the Thrive Apprentice + SendOwl solution is just what you need to build an Info-Product Empire.

Course Structure:

  1. 1
    Thrive Apprentice + SendOwl Paid Course Solution Webinar + FAQs
  2. 2
    The 3 Required Elements to Building and Selling Your Online Course
Multi-Step Mastery: Build a Targeted Mailing List

The new way to build your mailing list is all about providing freedom of choice for your visitors. In this course, you'll discover the four most potent methods to put this new strategy to use.

Course Structure:

  1. 1
    4 New Ways To Grow Your List
  2. 2
    How To Create Multiple Choice Opt-in Forms
  3. 3
    Real-Life Examples

SEO if You Don't Want to Learn SEO

Everyone wants to get more free traffic from Google, but SEO can be incredibly complicated. This online class on SEO is the crash course that will get you the best results in the least amount of time possible.

Course Structure:

  1. 1
    The Bare Minimum Essentials of SEO
  2. 2
    Wait, but Why? Understanding SEO
  3. 3
    SEO for Established Sites

Take the course for free at SEO if You Don't Want to Learn SEO.

Create a Free Thrive University Account

There are many other courses available for free at Thrive University. Create an account and browse through them to find one that helps you with your business today.

WordPress Themes and Plugins: The Tech

Our Thrive Themes review next turns to their software products. WordPress Themes and Plugins are the reason most people purchase their Thrive Themes Membership. It's a great suite of products for the affiliate marketer.

The tool suite is indeed great, but without focus and direction on how to use them to succeed, your online business ends up being more of a hobby. Not the success you hoped it would be.

Thrive Membership

Thrive Themes Review: Thrive Membership

A Thrive Themes Membership is the best way to gain access to all of their WordPress themes and plugins. 

Their membership provides:

  • The Full Suite of Thrive Themes WordPress Plugins
  • Constant Updates and Instant Access to New Plugins
  • Exclusive Members Only Courses, Templates, and Content
  • Unlimited Support

Hopefully, with all of the highlighted Case Studies I've shown so far, it's clear that Thrive Themes stays informed on the current state of Internet Marketing.

Their toolset is at the forefront of WordPress internet marketing tools and will continue to be so in the future.

The membership ensures you will never get left behind again.

Existing plugins are regularly updated and improved. I've never had a plugin break or breach the security of any of my sites.

A couple of things to note about their two different membership plans:

  • Individuals/Entrepreneurs - Tool usage is on a maximum of 25 of your websites.
  • Agencies - Tool usage is on a maximum of 50 of your websites or customer websites.
Integration Support

Their list of supported integrations with all your other digital partners is long. All of these come with Thrive Themes. There is no need to purchase additional levels or add-ons.

This list is long and includes:

  • ActiveCampaign - Integration with their email marketing.
  • Amazon SES -Affordable email delivery by Amazon.
  • ArpReach - Integration with ArpReach email marketing.
  • AWeber - Integration with AWeber email marketing.
  • Campaign Monitor - Integrate with Campaign Monitor for email marketing & email delivery.
  • Constant Contact - Integration with Constant Contact email marketing.
  • ConvertKit - Integration with ConvertKit email marketing.
  • Drip - Integration with Drip email marketing.
  • Facebook - Integration with the "Facebook for Developers" page.
  • GetResponse - Integration with GetResponse email marketing.
  • Google - Set up an API Connection with a Google Account.
  • GoToWebinar - Add new registrants to GoToWebinar events.
  • HubSpot - Integration with HubSpot email marketing.
  • iContact - Integration with iContact email marketing.
  • Infusionsoft - API Integration with Infusionsoft.
  • KlickTipp - Integration with KlickTipp email marketing.
  • MadMimi - Integration with MadMimi email marketing.
  • Mailchimp - Integration with Mailchimp email marketing.
  • MailerLite - Integrate with MailerLite email marketing.
  • MailGun - Send transactional emails through MailGun.
  • MailPoet - Integration with the MailPoet autoresponder plugin.
  • MailRelay - Integration with the MailRelay autoresponder.
  • Mandrill - Use Mandrill for transactional emails.
  • Mautic - Integrate with Mautic marketing automation.
  • Ontraport - Integration with Ontraport email marketing.
  • Postmark - Use Postmark for transactional emails.
  • reCaptcha - Prevent spam signups with reCaptcha checks.
  • SendGrid - Integration with the SendGrid autoresponder.
  • SendinBlue - Integration with SendinBlue email marketing & email delivery.
  • SendLane - Integration with SendLane email marketing.
  • SendReach - Integration with SendReach email marketing.
  • Sendy - Integration with Sendy email marketing.
  • SG Autorépondeur - Integration with SG Autorépondeur email marketing.
  • SparkPost - Get emails to inboxes securely with SparkPost.
  • Twitter - Set up an API Connection with a Twitter account.
  • WebinarJam Studio - Add new registrants to WebinarJam Studio events.
  • WordPress Users - Register WordPress user accounts for new leads.
  • Zoom - Add new registrants to Zoom events.

One of the best parts of their membership though is that the price you join with is the price you will continue to pay each year after that as long as you remain a member.

Inflation happens. Costs go up. But my membership price remains the same as it was four years ago.

The Thrive Themes membership keeps getting better, and their new features continue to grow.

Thrive Themes
Thrive Themes - Lock in your Lowest Price Today!

In the four years I've been with them they have already added more products to their membership and the same plan I bought has gone up 55% during that time.

All Thrive Themes products have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Note: This Thrive Themes review does not include any of their WordPress themes. Those are being replaced with Thrive Theme Builder.

Additional Thrive Membership Resources

Thrive Architect

Thrive Themes Review: Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a visual WordPress Page and Post builder ("What You See is What You Get", or WYSIWYG).

With the Thrive Architect editor, you don't need to be a web designer to create beautiful, professional-looking pages. You drag-in-drop the elements and add your content.

What Makes Thrive Architect Different Than the Rest?
Advanced Featured Thrive Architect Provides
  • Ultra-Flexible Column Layouts
  • Attention-Grabbing Text and Image Combinations
  • Get that Glossy Magazine Look With Total Font Customization
  • Full-Width Layouts With a Wow Factor
  • Advanced, Attention Grabbing Hover Effects
  • Style Every Detail, No Coding Needed
  • Mobile Responsive - Instantly previews your page or post on different screen sizes. You can toggle the visibility of elements and entire content blocks on different screen sizes. Tweak every detail with mobile responsive editing.
  • Dynamic Animations and Actions - You can be a professional web designer too!
The Conversion Focused Building Blocks
  • Call to Action Buttons
  • Testimonials
  • Styled Lists
  • Credit Card Icons
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • Content Boxes
  • Animated Countdown Timers
  • Content Reveal
  • Pricing Tables
  • Contact Forms
  • Guarantee Boxes
  • Call-to-action Box
The Content Lock-In Problem

A common problem with using visual WordPress editors these days is What Happens With Your Thrive Architect Content if You Delete the Plugin?

Or better yet, what happens if you stop paying for your Thrive Themes Membership?

Thrive Themes has addressed this issue entirely and built-in to Thrive Architect to handle it properly.

You can find the complete details at The Content Lock-In Problem: What Happens With Your Thrive Architect Content if You Delete the Plugin?

Start Building Better WordPress Pages Today!

Thrive Architect

All Thrive Themes products have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Additional Thrive Architect Resources

Thrive Leads

Thrive Themes Review: Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a lead generation plugin for WordPress.

Furthermore, a team of experts who are obsessed with conversion optimization built Thrive Leads.

There Are 4 Big Benefits
  • Design and Deploy
  • Advanced Targeting
  • A/B Split Test Engine
  • Actionable Reporting and Insights
How Many Different Types of Opt-in Forms Can You Use?
  • ThriveBox (PopUp Lightbox)
  • "Sticky" Ribbon
  • In-Line Forms
  • 2-Step Opt-In Form
  • Slide-In
  • Opt-In Widget
  • Screen Filler Overlay
  • Content Lock
  • Scroll Mat
  • Yes/No and Multiple Choice Forms
The Complete Thrive Leads Feature Set
  • Every Opt-In Form Type at Your Fingertips
  • Grow Your List Faster with Advanced A/B Testing
  • Boost Conversions with SmartLinks and SmartExit
  • Beautifully Pre-Designed Templates
  • Target Your Opt-In Forms with Surgical Precision
  • Discover Detailed Stats and Reports
  • Create Mobile-Specific Opt-In Forms
  • No Design Skills Needed!

Integrates with most autoresponder or email marketing service (see complete list above).

Thrive Leads
Start Using Thrive Leads Today!

"The Money Truly IS In the List"

All Thrive Themes products have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Additional Thrive Leads Resources

Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Themes Review: Thrive Quiz Builder

Website quizzes are not just for fun anymore. They are a valuable business-building tool.

Based on the answers to your quiz, you'll be able to make a specific and expert recommendation. It's a fun way to segment them based on their needs and desires.

The information gathered from a quiz can also be used to segment your visitors on your mailing list signup.

Thrive Quiz Builder allows you to build complicated quizzes with zero coding experience. It does this using three quiz templates:

  • Build from Scratch - No predefined settings.
  • List Building - Quiz optimized for building an email list.
  • Social Shares - Quiz optimized for social sharing.

Thrive Quiz Builder also provides plenty of aggregate statistics from visitors who have taken your quiz:

  • Track Across Time
  • Starting vs. Finishing
  • Quiz Flow
  • Individual Question Stats
  • Social Sharing Stats
  • User Stats

Quiz Builder Additionally Offers:

  • Easy Quiz Builder
  • Question Weighting
  • Dynamic Results
  • Opt-In Gates
  • A/B Testing
  • 2 Question Types
  • Setup Wizard
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Quiz Dashboard
Thrive Quiz Builder
Build You First Quiz Today!

Start engaging your visitors and give them what they need!

All Thrive Themes products have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Additional Thrive Quiz Builder Resources

Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Themes Review: Thrive Ultimatum - Boost Your Sales with Scarcity Marketing

Thrive Ultimatum is the ultimate scarcity marketing tool for WordPress. What is does it add the "fear of missing out" to your marketing and will boost your conversion rates like nothing else.

Thrive Ultimatum allows you to create an evergreen campaign. It is a sales funnel with a time-limited offer for each prospect who enters it. 

Each new prospect has its time limit and has their countdown and time limit. It works much the same as a regular product launch with a fixed end date only it's prospect specific.

When the time runs out, the lockdown feature ensures that the countdown will always stay true. Even if the user switches devices, uses a different browser or clears their cookies.

How Can You Use Thrive Ultimatum on Your Website?
  • Increase Product Sales with a Special Offer
  • Create a Buzz-Building Product Launch
  • Boost Your Ecommerce Sales
  • Earn More Commissions as an Affiliate
  • Crush it With Evergreen Upsell Funnels
  • Build Your List Faster with Scarcity Marketing

There are many, many features included with Thrive Ultimatum, including design templates and fully mobile-friendly.

Add a sense of urgency to your website today!

Start Your Fist Countdown Campaign!

Thrive Ultimatum - Boost Tour Sales with Scarcity Marketing

All Thrive Themes products have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Additional Thrive Ultimatum Resources

Thrive Ovation

Thrive Themes Review: Thrive Ovation - Need Social Proof for Your Products

Thrive Ovation is an all-in-one testimonial management plugin for WordPress.

It does this in 3 simple steps:

Gather Testimonials Without Hassle - Get a library filled with ready-to-insert testimonials you can choose from when needed.

  • Automatically pull WordPress comment in to Thrive Ovation with the click of a button.
  • Integrates with Facebook and Twitter so that you can automatically import comments.
  • Automate the process by creating dedicated testimonial land pages.

Time-Saving Testimonial Management - Save hours, always have the most relevant testimonials lined up.

  • You get a perfect overview of all your customer testimonials.
  • A tagging system is included in Thrive Ovation so you can always find one that fits your needs.
  • Thrive Ovation gives you the option to send an approval email from your WordPress dashboard to make sure you have the right to use them.

Display Dazzling Testimonials - Always show the best testimonials, wherever needed to boost conversions.

  • Anywhere You Want
  • Dynamically Updated Testimonials
  • Fully Customizable, Professionally Designed Templates
Start Using Testimonials to Boost Your Conversions Today!
Thrive Ovation - Need Social Proof for Your Products

All Thrive Themes products have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Additional Thrive Ovation Resources

Thrive Comments

Thrive Themes Review: Thrive Comments - Turn Your WordPress Comments to Sales

Thrive Themes built this plugin with speed in mind. They use it on their website where they can get over 600 comments per blog post. It has to work fast!

What do you get with Thrive Comments?

Engagement and Interaction
  • Assign Users Badges
  • Up-Vote and Down-Vote
  • Display Featured Comments
  • Comment Boosting Design
  • Posts From Social Accounts
  • Social Sharing
  • Subscribe to a Post's Comments
  • Auto Generate Visitor Information
Conversion Focused Comments
  • Choose What Happens After a Comments
  • Different Call to Action for First Time Commenters
  • Lazy Load for Speed Optimization
  • Audience Insights
  • Insert Anywhere
  • No Lock-In
  • Customer or Remove Date
  • Comment Sorting
  • Create Your Default Avatar
  • Improved Design
  • Translate or Customize Default Labels
  • Comments into Pages
Engage Your Visitors!
Get Thrive Comments Now!
Thrive Comments

All Thrive Themes products have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Additional Thrive Comments Resources

Thrive Optimize

Thrive Themes Review: Thrive Optimize - Build The Best Landing Page

What exactly is A/B testing, and what can it do for you?

Simple, create two versions of your landing page. Call one A, the other B.

Send the same amount of visitors to each page. During this time you record which one converts more and use that one for all your traffic.

The big companies do this. They measure and measure again to get the maximum number of conversions.

In the past, your options for doing A/B testing were pretty limited:

  • Free, but complicated and cumbersome to set up.
  • Super advanced, super complicated, super expensive testing services.
  • Some clunky, free WordPress plugin.

Thrive Optimize decided to change this. It is now a simple A/B testing add-on for Thrive Architect.

It's easy to use, four simple steps:

  • Create a page,
  • Create a variation of that page (using Thrive Architect),
  • Pick a conversion goal,
  • Start the test.
Get the most from your website today!

Start Using Thrive Optimize!

Thrive Optimize - A/B Test Your Landing Pages

All Thrive Themes products have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Additional Thrive Optimize Resources

Clever Widgets

Clever Widgets is a simple plugin that adds many different display options to your existing default widgets.

These display options give you the ability to customize which widgets appear on which posts or pages.

Clever Widgets is most natural to explain using a couple of images.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, it adds an option to each of your default widgets:

Clever Widgets

Clicking on that link brings up a bunch of options you can use to configure when that particular widget should appear on your website. You can select:

  • Basic Settings - You can choose the Frontpage, Blog Index, All Posts, 404 Error Page, All Pages, or Search Page.
  • Categories - You can select one or more of the categories you have created in your WordPress site.
  • Posts - You can select specific posts. All of your generated posts will display as an option.
  • Pages - Just like posts you can choose any one of your existing pages.
  • Page Templates - Select which page tempate - For a Thrive Theme this includes Blank Page, Narrow Page, Full Width, Default, or Landing Page.
  • Post Types - Select which post type you want.
  • Archive Pages - This includes categories, tags, symbols, or formats.
  • Other - Currently allows selection based on whether the user is logged in or not.
Clever Widgets
Get Started With Clever Widgets Today!

All Thrive Themes products have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Apprentice
Thrive Themes Review: Thrive Apprentice Course Landing Page

Thrive Themes provides you with everything needed to build professional online courses.

It's not complicated and lesson pages are created with your familiar Thrive Architect editor.

What exactly can you do with Thrive Apprentice?
Thrive Apprentice Lead Magnet
Thrive Apprentice and SendOwl Integration Support
Thrive Apprentice Membership Plugins
  • Create online course with the professional designer look.
  • Lessons are automatically linked for you. No need to strees over complicated hyperlinks.
  • Build your courses fast!
  • Build as many course classes as you want. No limits. Once you have created 2 or more, Thrive Apprentice will display them on a user-friendly course selection page.
  • Thrive Apprentice has simple integration built-in with SendOwl so that you can turn your online courses into a premium membership product.
  • Everything you build stays in WordPress. IT's not locked away in a separate online course platform solution.
  • Grow your email list faster by offering free courses as lead magnets.
  • Thrive Apprentice has a built-in new subscriber registration feature.
  • You can restrict access to non-subscribers with a simple click on the one you specify.
  • Thrive Apprentice works with ANY WordPress theme. Your website does not need to be built using a Thrive Theme in order to take advantage of Thrive Apprentice.

Note: Thrive Apprentice is NOT a membership plugin. It provides your course content only. However, Thrive Themes has integrated it to work seamlessly with SendOwl. And it can also be used with MemberPress, WishList Member or Member Mouse to handle membership access technicalities. 

Start Building Your First Professional Online Course Today!

Get Thrive Apprentice Now

Thrive Apprentice

All Thrive Themes products have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Additional Thrive Apprentice Resources
How to Setup a Free Online Course Funnel

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