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February 6, 2019

A Successful Local Web Marketing Service

This post may contain affiliate links for products I recommend. If you click a link and buy something I may receive some compensation. This does not change the price you would pay.

This affiliate marketing success story is about Debs, who joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2016. She took a different approach with her affiliate marketing training and became a successful local web marketing service.

Debs found her opportunity while talking with friends. There was a local car park in the city of London, and it was always empty and not getting much business. The topic of Wealthy Affiliate came up, and she explained how they taught her to build an online website. They asked if she would create one for them.

Since Debs was a newbie at Wealthy Affiliate, she offered to build it for free. If she were a successful generating business for them, she would receive a 10% commission. She also asked Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate if she could use the website hosting included with her membership and he said yes. 

Once she had all the go-ahead for hosting, it was now a simple process of following the training. This process involved buying the domain, setting up the WordPress site, and verifying the new site with Google Console and Bing console.

Debs relies on Wealthy Affiliate web hosting support team for all technical issues. She uses the Jaaxy keyword tool for analyzing competitor websites and also for selecting her keywords.

Wealthy Affiliates live training chief Jay, has also done some webinars on local website marketing and SEO. Many small businesses pay "SEO Experts," a good deal of money to set up their websites. Debs uses Jay and Kyles training that is already a part of her membership.

London Parking Spaces

Debs local car park website and marketing efforts worked so well they offered her 20% commission instead of 10%. They were very much happy with the amount of business she gave them.

The social media techniques learned work well for local businesses. Offline marketing methods also continue to work well along with online. These methods include traditional flyers, business cards, local directories, email campaigns, direct marketing, etc..

Debs even went so far as calling filming crews. Since a lot of filming work happens in London and parking is hard to find, she knew they would need tons of parking for their trucks and filming crews. They also paid good money. She could book parking for a filming crew for most of a month.

I do know this though anybody that joins Wealthy Affiliate and takes the training and all the resources we all have here seriously, then anyone can build an online business. The only reason people don't make it is because they don't want to make it. Or they prefer to chase after the Quick Money Making Schemes. Then they will always fail. There is no way around it. Wealthy Affiliate works.

- Debs -

Debs has since expanded into other London parking spaces. Her original clients' space turned into a shopping mall. But the local marketing concepts she learned with her first client will apply directly to her new clients. She expects to do a better job than before.

In addition to her local web marketing service, Debs also has a couple of "traditional" affiliate marketing websites she is building. She does not as much time to spend on them as she would like, but they are starting to take shape and generate some additional income.

Debs is excited about her future. She knew nothing about setting up websites and marketing them when she started. Now, Debs is her boss and earning an excellent living. She loves the work she does so that the hours fly by.

You can read her affiliate marketing success story and other blog posts at $3.875 K for January. Life Just Got Better again all Down to Wealthy Affiliate.

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