March 5, 2018

A Better Life Now

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Pauric's Success Story

This online business success story is about Pauric, who has been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2013. He was a professional guitarist for 32 years and succeeded in finding a better life now by working online.

Pauric lived in Dublin, Ireland and was looking to stop traveling. After this many years, the late nights and irregular income wears you down as you age. He was interested in building his website.

Pauric's goals with the website included:

  1. Provide everything needed for a person to learn how to play the guitar at home.
  2. Provide delivery of the person's guitar, books, and any accessories to their home.
  3. Costs for this service would be much less than hiring a guitar teacher.
  4. There would not be any travel time and costs.
  5. A person could learn at their own pace.
  6. Pauric could market his guitar books to teach yourself.

Pauric did not know anything about starting a new business online. He spent a couple of years online trying different training courses. He was scammed two different times - lost nearly $1,800. None of what he tried delivered on what they promised.

After he joined Wealthy Affiliate; however, everything changed: 

  • He had a professional-looking website within weeks. 
  • Using the keyword research tools, he came up with three new fantastic book titles. 
  • Within five months, he had a website making a consistent monthly income.
  • Three of his "Teach Yourself" guitar books have become #1 bestsellers on Amazon. This success happened in four countries and four different languages.
  • After five years, Pauric has three full-time incomes with a quality of life; he could only dream of back when he started.

Wealthy Affiliate is Awesome!

"Awesome" is about the only word Pauric uses to describe Wealthy Affiliate.

He continues to work on his website eight to ten hours per day, four days per week. But he does this work from airports, trains, hotels, buses, coffee shops, or pretty much anywhere.

Pauric Sunset

He most likes working in places where he can see the sunset in the evening. He considers his newfound freedom remarkable!

Pauric also writes that Wealthy Affiliate training is fantastic. Writing his books was a bonus. He did not expect to be able to accomplish this.

He also loves working with the fellow members of Wealthy Affiliate. In his words, the people are fantastic too. His newest hobby is cafe hopping. He can now have coffee and chat with his new friends.

Pauric feels that he not only gained financial freedom but lifestyle freedom too. Life is good for him now.

He knows that if he can do this, then anyone can do the same.

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